Places lesuire

Can I ask a question and not get hate unlike on Eastleigh neighbours please

I’m just wandering people who live round near places and lesuire if they hear the music and the microphone from where they are and if they find it to loud please as it’s all we hear from where we live and we live the other side of Fleming park

I live opposite in Tinning way and don’t hear anything. I do know that they have damage to some inside studios and have set up marquees on the tennis courts for sessions - maybe this is where the music is coming from ?

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I went round to Places leisure a couple of weeks back to complain about the noise and was told that the normal rooms, they have the exercise classes in, cannot be used due to maintenance issues. So they have set up temporary tents on the tennis court to use instead and that is why we can hear music and shouted instructions. The manager rang me and explained it all and said that it should all be sorted by end of November.
If I can clearly hear it through double glazing and at the back of my house, I hate to think what damage it is doing to the hearing of those exercising…

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Hi have you got on environmental health as there involved as we were told different and told it be end of December so I would get hold of environmental health as it’s an ongoing investigation

I haven’t contact environmental health yet. At the moment the noise isn’t as great as it once was. I am not noticing it as much as I used to. I will keep an eye on the situation and contact them if need be.

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Ok the more people that contact environmental health the quicker they do something about it as well plus it was half term last week we’ve been hearing it loads