Phone recommendation

Someone in the family has dropped their Android phone one too many times so we’re currently looking for a replacement. Definitely not looking for anything high end but they want something not too big with a reasonable camera. (The phones their mobile company are offering as an upgrade seem ok except with a worse screen resolution, which is odd.)

Any recommendations? Or phones to avoid!

I’m not an android user but a friend once got an Xiaomi Mi 2 that I helped setup and I was really impressed at the value and power for the money! That particular phone is old now, but it sticks in my head as the first place I’d look next time for value for money!

Good luck! I’d be interested what you settle on! :slight_smile:

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Xiaomi phones certainly seem to pack in the features from far more expensive phones

Are there any other “gotchas” to this? For example, does the family member in question already use other “company-owned” apps/devices (e.g. Samsung Health, Galaxy Earbuds or a Galaxy Watch)?

No company app/device or compatibility worries as far as I know.

Then yep, Xiaomi or even Motorola (in particular the Moto G9 Power) are probably the best “budget phones” with lots of features

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The Redmi Note series is highly recommended. Mine is the Note 8, 6gb ram, 128gb storage. The camera is one of the best for a cheapshit Chinese phone. I’m forever changing my phones for later models, but I’m reluctant to get rid of this one!

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Thanks for all the recommendations.

They’ve belatedly gone for a Pixel 4a (seems to be a sale this weekend) mainly due to size I think. Will report back how successful, or not, it is if anyone’s interested.