Petition for a pedestrian crossing on Sandy Lane, Fair Oak

Post from Amy Coleshill on Bishopstoke Fair Oak and Horton Heath facebook group.

If anyone is in support, suggest you do as Amy asks and write to your local councillors.

Hi. I’m trying to get some sort of pedestrian crossing installed on Sandy Lane, Fair Oak outside the shops (where the lollipop lady used to be located a few years ago). With the increased number of residents and cars in Fair Oak over the past few years, its becoming more difficult to cross that part of the road safely (especially for school children) and it’s obscured by parked cars using the shops on a slight bend. I contacted Fair Oak Parish Council and they have put in a request to the powers above to try and get something in place. They would like as many people as possible to email in (email addresses provide below) to get some weight behind the request.