Paul Holmes and Twitter

@PaulHolmes88 and Twitter are having a love-hate relationship on Twitter at the moment, due to the national leadership

No less than 25 tweets have asked Paul for his opinion on the Sir Keir Starmer mobbing event that happened today, and that’s after probably 50-100 Tweets asking Paul to write his letter.
(Some would say that’s mobbing Paul himself, but anyway…)

I get it, people are fed up/angry at Boris. Paul himself has privately told Boris his feelings on partygate, according to @SimonPayne
I just dont get why Paul must be held accountable for Boris’ actions. Maybe I’m missing something…


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I’m not sure anyone is holding Paul Holmes accountable. As our MP it is his duty to be open and honest with his constituents. If he has told Johnson his feelings on partygate, why can’t they be made public? I suspect he is keeping his powder dry until the Met publishes its report, yet he has seemingly made up his mind.


It’s a pity he hasn’t shared his feelings with Eastleigh’s constituents.

The Prime Minister has repeatedly broken the ministerial code by lying, and should have resigned even before the pandemic partying came to light. Obviously Johnson is never going to resign so it’s up to the MPs in his party to do the right thing. So far it seems that most of them, including Paul, are quite happy for the rules not to apply to the Prime Minister. Just as they did when they tried to let Owen Paterson off for corruption, they’re putting party before standards.

Absolutely, unfortunately he’s putting his own jobs first and parroting the Prime Minister’s excuses about waiting for a report and investigation, which aren’t even relevant to the fact that he has already broken the ministerial code.