New to gardening

Hello all!
We have FINALLY arrived in Fair Oak and with the move came a very overgrown garden! I’ve managed to hack down some grass (don’t want to take it all out just yet, the insects have been enjoying it so much!) but am otherwise quite clueless when it comes to gardening. The past 17 years we had a communal garden (which meant you could do nothing with it but sit in it) and before that I had no interest in gardening! I’m just wondering if there are any gardening wizards here that could tell me, if i post pics, what are weeds and what aren’t. I’m starting to get convinced the only thing not a weed is the Hydrangea, lol
I’d join the RHS for info but think they probably have enough money already ;- )
Thanks :- )

I’m intrigued what it looks like - but sadly myself, I’m gardening dim. I’ve tried a few times but just get carried away when it comes time to clip back and i end up cutting most of it out! :slight_smile:

Have you seen there’s some great apps now that can not only identify plants but also identify what’s wrong with them and what action to take? I thought this was pretty amazing when i found them recently! I used up my nosy free trial though and thats where my usage ended ;). Examples:

PS - Welcome to Fair Oak!! Its mostly a lovely place to be. Even better when its actually sunny and not wet. :wink:

A friend recently described our garden as a “cottage garden” which I think was a polite way of saying it needed a mow!

I must admit my plant identification only goes as far as “I like that and it has somehow managed to survive” and everything else is destined for compost!

Well, here’s some pics of the mystery flora. Maybe someone will be able to identify them :- )

p.s. Nice option to upload pics directly! :nerd_face:

The second one looks a bit like a Hebe to me. The fourth could be a Dandelion. Apparently the last one is a weed but we’ve got loads of the stuff and I quite like it. Are there points/prizes for any correct guesses?!

I’m afraid the only prize today is pride, lol, sorry!
Yeah, I like that last one (Geranium lucidum), too. I found it after a google search, apparently it’s quite medicinal! So I took the pretty weeds and tried replanting them in the pots left behind. The bugs can stilll make good use of them! :- )

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Did Google reveal what any of the others were?

Hubby went and googled things and found some results. Posting here in case anyone is interested. And they are! :- )

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