New member introductions!

Welcome aboard new members! :wave:

This is a relatively new space we can get together outside of the constant-on, and constant-scroll of facebook and discuss topics about the Borough in which we live.

Please join in - give us a hello or a wave! How did you find out about the forum and what promoted you to join? What do you most hope to get out of it? Just add a reply using the blue reply button at the bottom.


:wave: I think I ended up here via a link to the thundersnow post but that was a week ago now and my memory is rubbish so who knows?!

Welcome to Eastleigh online everyone :grin:

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:wave: Hi. I found out about the forum through Facebook. Agree that it would be easier to look for things going on in our area this way. Especially with all the burglaries going on at the moment.


Hi, thanks for the add.

We live in Bishopstoke for over 50 years & would like to be kept in touch with what’s happening near & around us.

Come across this on Facebook through Fair Oak & Eastleigh neighbourhood.



Awesome, thanks for joining @ocrockell & @pumalady, nice to have you here!
I think the most exciting thing to happen around here recently was the massive boom last weekend :slight_smile:
Thundersnow boom! Early morning wake up for Eastleigh!