New member introductions 10/04/2021

Happy Saturday and welcome aboard to all new members! :wave:

This is a relatively new space to discuss topics affecting Eastleigh Borough in which we live.

We started this with an aim of improving local open discussion. To improve accessibility, we have an iPhone and Android app now available on the Android Google Play Store , and Apple App Store .

With the local elections looming this month we’ve started as a community to:

If you have a any suggestions, do get in touch. :slight_smile:

Please hit the big blue reply button and say hello!

  • How did you find out about Eastleigh Online and what promoted you to join?
  • What do you most hope to get out of it?
  • Anything you’d like to ask? :slight_smile:


Hi, interested in everything Eastleigh!

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Was wondering why I wasn’t mentioned in yesterday’s memberships lol. But thanks @afdy .

I found out about Eastleigh Online through the local neighbourhood FB group, which is kinda why I wanted to join… I’m quite interested in politics, and was a bit deterred by the group’s “one election post” rule, so just wanted a place to discuss politics and other things related to Eastleigh (FB’s algorithms sometimes suck!)

I’d just like to get a nice community vibe out of it. Facebook provides that, somewhat, but if I scroll too quickly on my news feed due to things posted by other groups, I may miss a post. At least here it’s only for all things Eastleigh

Is there any way I can help here/the community in general? That’s all I’d like to ask for now! Lol

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Hey @DazzaRPD ! Welcome aboard!

Which group was that? If it was the Eastleigh Neighbours one it’s one canvass per candidate for election period so you should be able to ask any political questions as a resident. :slight_smile:

I’m hoping this place is a little more “sticky” than facebook, with better faster search facility and results in google so people researching can more easily access the information published! :slight_smile:

Oh, and thanks for offering to help! You already did by sending in a political leaflet! How do you fancy looking after the political leaflets section with me as you have an interest?

There’s loads to do really and this place is what we make it! :slight_smile: as you’re trusted more (members go up levels based on their contribution) you’ll be able to help sort the tagging of posts, help new members, etc!