New member introductions 07/03/2021

Welcome aboard to new members! :wave:
Please help us grow and invite your friends :people_holding_hands:

This is a relatively new space to discuss topics affecting Eastleigh Borough in which we live. We started this with an aim of improving open discussion.

To improve accessibility, we have an iPhone and Android app now available on the Android Google Play Store, and Apple App Store.

Please hit the big blue reply button and say hello!

  • How did you find out about Eastleigh Online and what promoted you to join?
  • What do you most hope to get out of it?
  • Any questions or suggestions? :slight_smile:


Hi everyone … good to be here!

Hi all, I’m new to the forum and will be moving to Eastleigh in a couple months. I wanted to join this forum (found it while “googling” all things Eastleigh!) in hopes to be more involved in community- without having to use facebook! :- )

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Did you find any other useful looking sites while googling all things Eastleigh? I’ve been trying to collect that kind of thing in an Eastleigh Handbook so if there are any missing it would be great if you could add them :slight_smile:

Welcome aboard @emelem, nice to have you here! Also nice to meet someone else who’d like to get off the Facebook bus! :slight_smile:

Exciting times, where are you moving from? Good luck with your move!

Doing a quick scan of your handbook (cool idea), I think you probably already have them all! I didn’t see too much aside from the obvious, links through Wiki…and a few of your photos on G maps :- )

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Thanks! We are coming down from south London. I have GOT to be by the coast again! :- )

Certainly a good time to move closer to the coast with the weather about to improve! Let’s hope you’re in for a good summer! :slight_smile:


Here’s some links I don’t see in the handbook. They may be there, I just don’t see them, lol…

Actually, I put them in the handbook (under needs sorting/citizen’s advice) as I can only post two links here (for the time being)

I’ll leave you to sort and hyperlink them- hope they’re handy! :- )

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Fantastic, thanks @emelem!