New cycle lanes across Eastleigh

If you’re like me, you’ll have probably spent more time on your bike over the last twelve months. I’ve never been an overly keen cyclist but some friends got me motivated to use mine more often.

Having ridden from Eastleigh to Botley, Eastleigh to Southampton and a couple of destinations in between over the last 12 months, it’s clear we need better cycling infrastructure to make it safer and easier to get around.

You can give your feedback on the plans proposed by Hampshire County Council here:

These plans are not enough and much more needs to be done but it’s a start.


Sounds a brilliant idea to connect Southampton Airport to Eastleigh via cycle lane. I was a bit sad at first, i thought it said Southampton Airport to Southampton Centre by cycle lanes. :wink:

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You’ve not heard of the pre-existing National Cycle Rourte 23 then.

For me, Desborough is a horrible road to link it off. Even Bikemap suggests that coming off Market Street or High Street onto Wide Lane could be better.

If cyclists want a challenge, the link up of NCR 24 onto NCR23 seems best. If they want a commute (I don’t quite know why cyclists would want to commute to the airport, save for work), again, there are arguably better roads than Desborough.

I’m just not sure I get it


Agree with you there. It’s really bad.

Wow, i had not heard of National Cycle Route 23, how cool! Thanks for the educaton. :slight_smile:

Views from Paul Bicknell over on Facebook on the cycle route consultation:

Public Consultation number 2 Eastleigh Cycle Route.
This is also a Hampshire County Council consultation.
This one is probably more imortant and I would urge residents to respond. In principle its a good idea, making Desborough Road in it entirity a cycle way from Leigh Road to Chestnut Avenue, then utilising Arnold Road, so in effect there’s a cycle link from Eastleigh railway station to Partkway station.
Personally I have some concerns not least people travelling from Eastleigh station to Desborough Road to use the cycleway in the first place. I think people will cut of that corner and use other routes. I can see why Desborough Road is being used as it nicely gets passed the Swan Centre and has that natural break at The Meadows Estate thus preventing a through Road from Leigh Road to Derby Road being created.
I also have concerns about the Desborough Road/Chestnut Avenue junction. Parking spaces will be lost albeit it free bays but not the point. Also how do those residents get into their road as that’s unclear. Will they be able to use the emergency access?
Making Arnold/Chestnut junction just a left turn only may result in more “rat runing” in the local roads opposite. It may prevent Arnold Road being used to access Wide Lane though. Doncaster Road will get more traffic. Then there’s the Soton/Chestnut junction and due to increased traffic more tail backs.
Anyway please complete the consultation and give your views.
Once you’ve completed the survey please post your thoughts on here as it’ll be interesting to read them especially as I’m sure they’ll be some constructive alternatives.

Paul will have to run me through this when I get round to my submission… most trains don’t allow/have space for bikes really. Only thing this solves arguably is the reduced number of trains that stop at Eastleigh because of Parkway

The issues I have with the route is it goes through roads that are normally full of car parked both sides and invariably has cars trying to bomb from one end to another. Also the route from the station to Desborough includes pedestrian areas, so cyclists will have to dismount and walk all the way from Market street to Desborough, unless there is going to be some creative path sharing ideas! The pavement there is littered with street furniture, signs and broken/damaged block paving.

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:face_with_symbols_over_mouth: Too late to “have our say”. Interested for hubby as he likes to ride a lot. And there does seem to be a shortage of cycle lanes around here, so far that I’ve seen :- /

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There’s a shortage of cycle lanes and also some really really weird ones. Super short, or signage marked walk/cycle, while the floor is marked backwards cycle/walk causing arguments!

I’ve just got a bike so started noticing the hard way! :wink:

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Indeed, the routes - few that they are - don’t seem to connect up or go anywhere. It’s almost as if cyclists area a secondary thought to the almighty tin box…:wink: