MP Update - Paul Holmes

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Please see @Diggers post back in April which has already been transcribed and images tweaked to look better. Unfortunately Central residents only received this now, 4 months later.

Post will be deleted once the Conservatives have acknowledged this.

I think I’ve already transcribed this leaflet (before the local elections - April 2021 I think?) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So you have, thanks @Diggers .

@PaulHolmes88 , @SimonPayne and @LisaCrosher (not sure if there are any other Conservative reps on here) - I am unsure why Central residents are only receiving this a whole 4 months later. Is it maybe something to do with the fact that Central had little to no Conservative campaigning through the elections?

Just asking, as it may be something to look at…

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I can answer this. This isn’t an election leaflet it’s my summer and spring newsletter. Going out across the 84000 constituents. I rely on volunteers, so when the elections were on we doubled up by also delivering mine. I’ve been out all week delivering them myself. Nothing to do with EC not being important. But this isn’t an election leaflet and will be distributed across everyone until we are done. Bishopstoke is next


Oh and Eastleigh South. So try and see this as separate to election leaflets… I’ll do one like this every year across the whole patch. But bear with me. It takes a lot of effort and volunteers to do it to everyone