MP Paul Holmes Leaflet (April 2021)

Received this leaflet yesterday:

Dear Resident,
It’s an absolute pleasure to be your Member of Parliament. The past year has been incredibly busy and COVID-19 has meant that I have not been able to see as many of you as I had hoped. Once restrictions are lifted, I am looking forward to resuming my visits to community groups, meeting staff and volunteers from our fantastic local services and meeting you in and around the towns and villages to hear about the issues you care about.

COVID-19 has not stopped me campaigning on the things that matter to you and I think we are starting to see real results. These include securing and funding to resurface the M27 and build the Botley Bypass. An early highlight following my election was protecting the land north of Bishopstoke from being built on.

There is still so much more that I want to do. I will continue to lobby to improve accessibility at Hedge End train station, get the infrastructure we need in places such as Hamble Lane and continue to oppose the excessive housebuilding granted by our Liberal Democrat controlled council.

I am here to represent you and will always do my best to make sure that our towns and villages are even better places to live and work. If you need my assistance then please do get in touch.
Best wishes,
Paul Holmes.


Eastleigh has a proud heritage not just as a railway town but it needs to improve. There are exciting opportunities ahead. I’m campaigning for the Chickenhall Lane Link Road and the proposed extension to Southampton airport runway. Together, it’s these initiatives that will put Eastleigh at the centre of the Solent Freeport, an economic zone that will invest in our town, creating jobs and growing our local economy. I will continue to lobby EBC for a plan on how we can regenerate our Town Centre.

Bishopstoke is at high risk with the local council constantly threatening major housebuilding. I’ve already worked hard against to protect the parish from the development of 5000 houses that will continue to ensure Bishopstoke is not exposed to further unnecessary development. The roads around Bishopstoke are gridlocked and I’ll work with Hampshire County Council to get these moving again.

We need to protect the views across the estuary as much as we do our green spaces. For too long Hamble Lane has been treated as a development site without the infrastructure to support it. Satchell Lane also needs to be made safe for the many families and children who walk in the area and I am calling on the council to improve a new footpath along this stretch of road.

Fair Oak
Both Fair Oak and Horton Heath have been subjected to hugely damaging proposals to build new towns and villages, whether it’s the 5000 homes to the north of the parish, or the current One Horton Heath. Our communities need time to catch up; we want plenty of access to public services for those already living here and improved road links to ease traffic congestion.

Hedge End
I want Hedge End to keep its village feel. I am campaigning and lobbying for disables access to Hedge End train station through accessibility funding and the rollout of mobile CCTV to tackle antisocial behaviour and fly-tipping. We have recently passed new laws, which I voted for, to make trespassing and traveller encampments illegal, which will mean they can be evicted quickly.

West End
I recently secured the funding needed for the M27 to be resurfaced to reduce noise, with work starting in the summer of 2021. I have also successfully delivered new diversion routes on the A27 to reduce traffic. Over the coming months I want to make sure that we maintain the number of excellent school places and keep access to vital health services, such as those at Moorgreen Hospital.

I am campaigning to ensure there are sufficient GP appointments and school places for families who live here. For Boorley Park I am asking for more police on the beat to tackle anti social behaviour. I’ll also make sure we deliver the Botley by-pass to reduce traffic through the village centre.

Together with the County Council, I have asked Government to look at funding improvement works to the Windhover Roundabout through our levelling up fund. Again, we are not seeing the protections needed in terms of development, issues that I am raising with the local council.

Paul’s Plan | CAMPAIGNS
My campaign to get Eastleigh Moving is focused on delivering better transport links for
our communities. There is also a role for sustainable transport in this mix withe better footpaths and cycle lanes. Accessibility is a key issue and we need to ensure our transport connections are suitable for disabled people.
For this reason I’m currently working towards:

  • Installing a lift for disabled people at Hedge End train station
  • Getting Highways England to finish the M27 smart motorway construction work as quickly as possible to ease congestion.
  • Obtaining the funding to have the M27 resurfaced between J5 and J7, to make the motorway quieter for residents in Hedge End and West End
  • Securing money from the Government and working with Hampshire County Council to deliver the Chickenhall Lane link road.

Eastleigh, Hedge End and our villages are great places to live and work. Our communitites are special, so it is vital that we keep them safe and protect people from crime.
My priority is to Protect our Streets so that the law abiding majority can live without fear of crime.
This is why I am:

  • Backing the campaign to recruit 20,000 more police officers nationally
  • Working with Hampshire Police to ensure Hampshire and Eastleigh gets its fair share of the new officers being recruited
  • Calling for tougher prison sentences for the worst offenders and ending automatic release halfway through a jail term
  • Strengthening community sentences by making those convicted do more hours of community payback to clean up our parks and streets

My campaign for Investment in Schools and Skills is designed to support our excellent local schools and colleges. I have made it a priority to expand apprenticeships and call for an increase school funding so our teachers can give young people the very best start in life.
Every child deserves a great education and if we invest in our schools, we will ensure that all our children can achieve their goals and succeed in life.
School safety is also a key priority because many of our schools have grown in size and are located on busy roads. The journey to and from school should be safe but that isn’t always the case with some of them.
This is why I am campaigning to:

  • Increase funding for all school pupils
  • Expand the number of apprenticeships available locally
  • Ensure safe routes to school

We’ve seen a lot of new houses built without an increase in GPs and surgery appointments to look after a growing population. My campaign for Happier, Healthier Lives is about making sure that everyone can access our NHS and GP services when they need to.
To make this happen, I am campaigning to:

  • Increase the number of GPs and surgery appointments in Eastleigh
  • Make it easier to access healthcare services int eh evening and at weekends
  • Cut waiting times for treatment with local mental health services

A strong local economy is essential for providing high-skill and high wage job opportunities. This also drives investment in our area and generates taxes for essential services.
My campaign is focused on:

  • Supporting our local businesses with ongoing help as we recover from COVID-19
  • Re-generating Eastleigh town and ensuring we have a vibrant and lively town centre with a compelling offer to shoppers and visitors
  • Backing Southampton Airport’s runway extension to safeguard the future of the airport and develop it as a hub of green technology and zero-emission flying

Our local communities have suffered from overdevelopment and too many houses have been built without sufficient local facilities and infrastructure in place.
For years, the Liberal Democrats have built more houses than required and they are continuing to do so.
I want to protect precious green spaces and fight against unsuitable housing developments like One Horton Heath. We now have a situation where local transport links, health services and schools are overstretched and struggling to keep up with demand.
I’m committed to Standing up for or Communities against this overdevelopment and fighting for better local services. We all recognise that housing does need to be built, but we must do it sustainably.
This is why I am campaigning to:

  • Scrap the unwanted Local Plan put forward by the Liberal Democrats and replace it with a sustainable plan
  • Reject the sprawling development of 2,400 homes on greenfields at One Horton Heath, which is being put forward by the local council
  • Regenerate our town centre and use the brownfields sites in and around Eastleigh to meet future housing demand
  • Install the community infrastructure we need before allowing any more new homes to be built

For more information on these important issues, please go to my website and click on Paul’s Plan

What does an MP do?

Members of Parliament are elected in the House of Commons to represent the interests and concerns of all the people who live in their constituency, whether they voted for them at the General Election or not.

We are only able to deal with issues raised by people who live in their constituency, called constituents. MPs consider and vote on legislation and use our position to ask government ministers questions about current issues.

We split our time between working in Parliament and working in the constituency. In Parliament, I spend my time fighting for the interests of all my constituents, attending debates, scrutinising and voting on legislation and attending meetings.

In the constituency, I hold advice surgeries for residents (where they can come and talk to me about any local issues and problems), attend meetings and community events, as well as visiting local organisations and businesses.

When a constituent writes to me, I will write to the relevant organisation, department or the Minister involved.

Many problems are solved int his way and I always aim to respond within fifteen working days, but sometimes more complex cases may take slightly longer.

Alternatively, if a constituent is happy for the issue to be made public, I can ask an oral or written question, secure a debate, or even petition Parliament itself.

Oral or Written Questions
Once a month eqch minister from each government department answer questions from MPs at the Despatch Box in the Chamber of the House. There is a limit to the number of questions that can be asked but I can also table a written question to the relevant government department, which are published in Hansard.

Adjournment Debates
MPs may be able to raise a constituent’s issue in a half-hour Adjournment Debate. to get an Adjournment Debate, MPs must be successful in a ballot of Members of Parliament or have the subject chosen by the Speaker.

MPs can present a petition to Parliament on behalf of their constituents. The format and wording of the petition need to be written in a specific way.

To find out more about what I do in Parliament, including my latest campaigns and appearances please go to my website and click In Parliament.

My Contact Details

Westminster Office
Write: House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA
Telephone: 0207 219484

Constituency Office
Write: 46 Leigh Road, Eastleigh, SO50 9DT
Telephone: 023 8254 2205

Twitter: @pauljholmes


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