Make Noise For PR

I’m a fan of proportional representation, and today is the Make Noise for PR summer day of action.

There’s a petition if you agree that a better mix of candidates from different parties would lead to better decisions at Eastleigh Council and Parliament in Westminster…


Thanks for sharing, signed - sounds like a sneaky move! Also a fan of PR! :slight_smile:


I think we need to get more registered voters to the polls first, before we know if PR will result in a bigger mix of parties

Still, a good vote count method if implemented nationally

I think PR would help regardless of number of voters at the polls, wouldn’t it?

I’m usually a fan of focussing on one problem before fixing the next but since there isn’t a dependency on 1 thing or person they can easily be done in parallel. Democracy needs all the help it can get right now! :slight_smile:

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It might even help turnout if people thought their vote mattered more

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Hoping to have a bit of news on this topic in the near future :wink:

Long past due we had electoral reform in England.

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As promised, a bit of news!

I can confirm Eastleigh Labour supports this move, and our delegates will be pushing for this at conference.


Fantastic news! Good luck Josh