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The Make Eastleigh Better Community Forum is all about bringing people together, sharing ideas and helping shape the future of Eastleigh.

If we act as a community, we can challenge the current issues in Eastleigh whilst discuss and make a plan for making Eastleigh better.

Don’t be shy, all suggestions are welcome and encouraged. All we ask is that you’re kind a courteous and focus on making Eastleigh better.

This thread is managed by local resident and campaigner, Sam Jordan.

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You can keep up-to-date at various locations but here’s a handy list:

Hi Sam.

Great post.

At A-Plan Insurance in Eastleigh we have a ‘Community Board’ that has pride of place in our main window. Local groups and businesses can display their business cards, posters etc. for no cost! If anyone is interested in promoting their business or event then they can contact me on: 02380 618844.

Keep up the good work!



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I actually check it every time I walk past, Joe!

It’s a good thing and it’s great to see A-plan engaging and promoting community projects.

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That’s great and thank-you for the feedback! Due to lockdown it has become a bit stagnant so would be great to see some new cards, posters etc. on there! I’m sure there are lots of local businesses and groups looking forward to welcoming customers back that would benefit from the exposure!?

Absolutely - there’s probably a deeper discussion here as well which centres on how locally we can rebuild, right?

Bring local businesses together as well as residents, promoting and supporting the local economy as well as developing local campaigns (like you’re doing with A-Plan) - what’s your thoughts on that?

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I think that anything that can help to promote and rebuild businesses, community centres and schools, etc., particularly in the local communities within Eastleigh and the surrounding areas, would be greatly welcomed.

At A-Plan Insurance we are always trying to think of ways that we can do that - hopefully raising much needed funds through the ‘IT for SCHOOLS’ and offering exposure through the ‘Community Notice Board’ are just small but valuable ways of doing this.

If you have any other ideas then please feel free to run them by me Sam and I will be more than happy to discuss with our team here.

I don’t want to go to too much detail here but there’s a couple of things that stand out;

Our party has the biggest memberships in Eastleigh with good, loyal buying power - is estimate 95% of them take insurance products (quick calculation would be if 95% of our members purchased a car insurance product at an average cost, that would equate to around £100k a year in revenue)

Local engagement around specific causes is obviously something I/we come across a lot - everything from saving libraries, free school meals, to local business support.

I know your EBITDA is £30M+ but there’s definitely some synergies. If you’re the man to discuss with, perhaps we could have a chat once things open up?