M27 resurfacing junction 5 to 7

Just heard back from Highways England about the recent confirmation of the resurfacing work if anyone is interested in the details…

Thank you for emailing the Highways England Customer Contact Centre on 10 March about the proposed overlay of the concrete section between junction 5 and 7 of the M27.

I’d like to apologise if you were unable to easily find information about the project. I can understand you wanting to know what stage the scheme is at.

I’ve spoken to our Development Team and we’re now nearing completion of our site investigations which has confirmed that a thick asphalt overlay is still the most appropriate solution. This investigation has identified that some enabling work to stabilise the concrete for the overlay scheme will be required, and we plan to do this in Spring/Summer 2021 making use of the smart motorway traffic management. It’s our intention to commence the main overlay scheme on site in the 2022/23 financial year and it’ll take approximately 18 months to complete. We will look to provide a further update following completion of the enabling work or if there is a significant change to our current plan.

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