Lucy's Free Food In Southampton

Lucy from Bishopstoke says -

"Oh my goodness! You may remember my post about my :recycle::apple:FREE FOOD IN SOUTHAMPTON​:recycle::apple: group.

We are officially up and running and already feeding families and helping reduce food waste which would otherwise go in the bin.

Thank you to everybody who has supported us, we have over 900 members in 48 hours.

If you haven’t heard of us, here is what we do:

The average family wastes £750 of food per year
Imagine if we could take a photo of what we have (either won’t be used in time, or a clear out of cupboards) and pop it on a Facebook group with a location to collect and give to a family in need, privately.

This is exactly what we do, we also offer private posts for people who are struggling who may need to request food for their families. People are also welcome to post in the group to ask for themselves.

Whilst food banks wonderful, they are oversubscribed and do not accept any perishables or anything with less than a 3 months use by date. Work and time commitments also restrict access for drop offs.

Our platform offers an accessible way to collect in date FOOD, fresh produce, pet food and baby formula. The only food items we do not accept are cooked meats and alcohol.

Thank you for your ongoing support, it’s wonderful to see so many people wanting to help families in need and reduce food waste at the same time.

Feeling rather proud :relaxed::recycle::apple:

Please read our rules before joining."

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What a great idea. I’ve seen similar attempts via some apps etc but didn’t seem to catch on. Really hope this does. Average family wastes £750 of food per year though! Ouch!!

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Isn’t it just, well done Lucy!