Loud, popping, buzzing engines

on motorbikes, mainly, and some cars. Am I the only one severely irritated by them? Surely this is a blatant noise pollution issue. They sometimes make me jump out of my skin and the rescue animals I work with aren’t fond of them at all, as well. Is there nothing that can be done about it? We’re new to the area and, so far, this is the only major gripe.

I’ve not heard any for a long time, so it must be something more local to you? (or my hearing has significantly degraded :wink: ).

Is it a couple of particular people doing it, or many of them? If its specific people, the council have a recommendation on approach for this: https://www.eastleigh.gov.uk/environment/environmental-health/nuisance/noise, if this helps?

Thank you! :- )
I don’t know if it’s many or just one or two. They’re really fast, all covered in gear…it’s a busy road so I imagine it’s quite a few. I’ll check out the link tho and start trying to identify them! :mag_right: :mag:

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