Loud, popping, buzzing engines

on motorbikes, mainly, and some cars. Am I the only one severely irritated by them? Surely this is a blatant noise pollution issue. They sometimes make me jump out of my skin and the rescue animals I work with aren’t fond of them at all, as well. Is there nothing that can be done about it? We’re new to the area and, so far, this is the only major gripe.

I’ve not heard any for a long time, so it must be something more local to you? (or my hearing has significantly degraded :wink: ).

Is it a couple of particular people doing it, or many of them? If its specific people, the council have a recommendation on approach for this: https://www.eastleigh.gov.uk/environment/environmental-health/nuisance/noise, if this helps?

Thank you! :- )
I don’t know if it’s many or just one or two. They’re really fast, all covered in gear…it’s a busy road so I imagine it’s quite a few. I’ll check out the link tho and start trying to identify them! :mag_right: :mag:

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I only just got to checking out that link (d’oh!) but it does not apply.
Typically, we can’t investigate:

  • if you don’t know where the noise is coming from
  • everyday household noise, such as footsteps, doors closing, vacuuming, washing machines, children playing, babies crying or talking
  • traffic, aircraft or railway noise
  • noise from outdoors sports
  • noise from fireworks
  • noise in the street, such as vehicles left running, car stereos, shouting or car horns
  • emergency road works.

I contacted police and they basically said it was a council/ environmental officer matter. SO, just like most things, I’m getting the runaround. -_-

The popping and banging noises are mostly from newer sporty models, predominately German in origin but also Fords. The noise is generally created by aftermarket remapping the computer (ECU) to trick the engine into a very lean misfire once you lift off the throttle - creating a surplus of fuel which is burnt off by the hot exhaust gases, thus creating a pop or bang as the fuel is burnt up. The harsher remapping can create a backfiring sound like gunfire and is very loud and intrusive.
This is a deliberate choice of the car owner to get a third party company to alter their car’s programming to create these noise disturbing sounds regardless of how anti-social it might be.
It does not add any extra speed to the car, but invalidates any warranty, possible even insurance and done purely for vanity - just like altered registration plates.

The problem is, the Police are seemingly less keen to act on these violations of social behaviour as for a successful prosecution, an officer has to witness it and then have a specific law or rule that can be applied to the perceived ‘crime’.

As ever, the public have to suffer the actions of the selfish, thoughtless few. Whilst laws and rules that could deter such anti-social behaviour are unlikely to be created or enacted due to the slow nature of Law generally. Sadly, the Police barely have enough staff to deal with everyday incidents, let alone tackling neighbourhood issues. As for asking the Council…well, I think you know likely they are going to be pro-active about some issues…

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Thank you for your elquent reply and I’m sorry I’m so late in replying to you!
You know much of these horrible noise making machines, do you own one? lol
Unfortunately, a group of lads have taken to sitting on the side of the road and filming the noise makers as they go by. They encourage them to rev so now some of the noise makers put on a little show (off). They stop dead in the road then slam the accelerator and peel off, popping all along the way. The bikers are extra annoying because they like to tear past traffic, even though there’s no heavy build up of it. They’re in a hurry to go nowhere… One of these days, some poor old lady or man is going to be scared, literally to death, by one of these neanderthals. sigh
Anyway, I am going to start filming the filming and “macho” show and see what I can do with that.
I don’t mean to be a grumpy old so and so, I love motorbikes with decent noise levels/grumbles (to make other drivers aware of their presence) and I love some sporty cars…but this road is not meant for show. And I don’t recall sounding like Crazy Frog ever being a cool thing. :joy:
I wonder if the guy who tears around in the yellow Audi is a member here. Someone needs to remind him he’s a bit old for the antics, I’m embarrassed for him :disguised_face:

lol - don’t own one but as a long time car enthusiast and held a Race National B Competition Licence back in the day so I have gone into car set ups in more detail than your average monkey with a popping and farting car!
Unfortunately there is so much anti-social behaviour that the authorities seemingly won’t involve themselves with - such as fireworks, noisy houses and vehicle noise (exhausts/racing). The law abiding citizens have to suffer with it all!
Filming them may be a start to prove a consistent presence of a serious disturbance to a neighbourhood/driving without due care and attention - but the Police rarely act on footage taken by others as they tend only to pursue action that they themselves have witnessed and therefore likely to get a conviction - because apparently it seems a police person is more of a creditable witness than a member of the public. Be careful filming is the only advice I can give, some of these idiots can get nasty if they think you are not ‘one of them’ nor a swooning admirer of idiot behaviour.

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Noted. And thank you :- )