Local elections going ahead in May

So local elections are going ahead in May!

Have you registered to postal vote yet?

Also if you could ask your local candidate any question, what would you ask them? :slight_smile:

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My questions would be;

  • what made you want to take up the role?

  • what is your occupation?

  • what do you think needs to change in Eastleigh?

  • what do you think has been done bad in Eastleigh over the past 5 years & why?

  • what makes you think you’re a good fit to represent your constituents?

  • are you for or against option b&c in the current local plan?

I think these kind of questions, if asked up front could help form a contract of commitments as such before people take up the role of representing us.

What’s yours?

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I’m hoping to collect details for as many candidate as possible before the election for the Who Can I Vote For? website.

I’ve also attempted online hustings in previous elections with mixed results. Does anyone have any ideas for how that could work this time?

If you’re interested and on twitter, follow ESLHustings for election news.

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Ah! Someone on my wavelength! I’ve been thinking about that exact thing since last year, and came up with this:


Wording may need work but I think the concept is sound.

Idea being, make it easy for people to submit their questions, then we provide a similar form for all candidates to answer these questions, and publish the results!

What do you think?

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