Lib Dem flyer (5th May 2021)

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Received today (5th May 2021) - day before the polls open!

Don’t forget to vote!
Deadline 10pm Thursday!
Save Our Library NOW!
Eastleigh Borough Nick COULDREY X
Mike THORNTON X Hampshire County

Nick and Mike need your votes by 10pm Thursday to WIN for Fair Oak again!
Liberal Democrats

Elections here are always close: just a few votes may separate experienced campaigners Nick and Mike and the Tories.


  • The Lib Dems have kept Council Tax DOWN and protected services.
  • ONLY Nick and Mike keep in touch all year with local residents - the others just turn up when they want your votes.
  • The Conservatives have NO Plan and would open up MORE of our countryside to the builders.
  • Labour came 3rd again across the Borough last time.

Polls open 7am to 10pm on Thursday.

Save Our Library NOW!

The winning choice for Eastleigh again - Nick COULDREY X

The winning choice for Hampshire again - Mike THORNTON X

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Is it me being hopeful or are they finally running out of toner in that one? :rofl:

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