Lib Dem - Eastleigh Focus - Summer 2021

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Eastleigh Focus - Summer 2021
County Council set to end town centre street cafes…

Keep our High Street trafic-free!
Pedestrianising High Street and Market Street has boosted business, improved safety, and made our town more pleasant. But now Hampshire County Council wants to force it open again.
We say: Keep our high street traffic-free!

Pedestrianisation is the first step to making our town centre better to residents, for visitors and for business. Full plans will see more trees, more options to sit outside, new disabled bays, and a space thats more attractive and usable. But the temporary closure order for High St and Market St expires with the lifting of coronavirus measures.
Legal powers exist to extend the closure. But Hampshire Tories refuse to use them. Hampshire says we should open the streets to traffic, and then consult on whether to close them again! It’s madness!

Businesses and residents agree pedestrianisation has been a success, and plans for proper pedestrian-friendBy streets should be progressed; we shouldn’t undo all the good work just to consult on re-implementing the closure. A waste of time, waste of money: a wasted opportunity.

Join us in calling for Hampshire to consult on a permanent closure while the streets remain closed. If’s just common sense!
Join our campaign at or by signing our petition on the back page!

Wayne Irish writes…
Just weeks after the local elections and we were already hard at work on our next FOCUS to keep you in touch with local news!
Thanks to everyone who backed me, and our team winning for our area.

In this issue we bring you up to date with local news, as always. Do remember that if there are ever any concerns
you have around our area, your local Lib Dem team are here to help. Get in touch!

Focus is paid for by the local Lib Dems, serving our local community. It is delivered by a team of volunteers, whom we thank for their help.

In This lssue…

  • Save our School CrossingPatrols
  • Airport Saved!
  • Election Winners
    …and lots more local news!

Campaigning all-year-round for local people!

Liberal Democrats won all 5 seats up for election in our town in May. Thanks to everyone who voted.
Tanya Park and Wayne Irish were elected to Hampshire County Council, with both also elected in the Borough Council alongside Alex Bourne
Labour came last across the town again, failing to win a Borough seat snywhere for the 14th year in a row.

News from your local Lib Dem team of campaigners - working for our area all year round

Pirelli Park
The improvements to Pirelli Park have made this a fantastic space for families to enjoy, writes Wayne Irish

The benches are a perfect spot for parents
and carers to sit and enjoy the new park and
watch over their children as they play.

Fairy Festival
Alex Bourne went along for the mini fairy festival and trail to raise funds for sensory4all at Pavilion on the Park. A terrific event

Stoneham Community Building

It’s great to see the new community building at North Stoneham open, says Paul Bicknell. Run by the YMCA for the Council, the new facilities include a nursery, coffee shop, a large hall andvarious rooms for community use/hire. It’s all part of putting in infrastructure FIRST so residents can than have to wait until the end of development

Derby Road Dismay
After three years of asking and lobbying about Derby Road being resurfaced at its eastern end it is total shock to find out the County Council have NO works programmed for this year. “Just how bad does a road have to get before Hampshire acts?” asks Paul Bicknell. “Despite this I will continue to press for action”.

County to AXE Crossing patrols
Conservative Hampshire County Council is once again planning to stop all funding for school crossing patrols, writes Cllr Darshan Mann.
Your Lib Dem councillors are strongly against this - safe routes to school are essential with our ever-busy roads
Here in Eastleigh, crossing patrols for town centre schools and at Nightingale Avenue would see Hampshire Tories end funding.
All the signs are that the “consultation” document produced by the County is designed to give the impression residents back all the cuts.

So we have launched a petition to give YOU a Real say to back school road safety - go to or fill in and send back our back page petition - do it today

Campaigning all-year round for local people

Airport Takes Off
The airport got the final go ahead for its short runway extension and rescue plan. The council have issued planning consent after marathon meetings and complex legal agreements
“This is great news”, says Tanya Park, who campaigned for the jobs-saving plan before her election to the Borough Council. “After the pandemic we need a growing economy and local jobs”.

More Wild Flowers
We’ve got the Council working on a “pollinator highway” across the town with three new areas of wild flowers sown this year at Chestnut Avenue, Falkland Road Roundabout and the top of Woodside Avenue. We hope you and the bees like them!

Keeping in touch with you

Your local team working for you around round town and on our Councils all year year round!

Paul Bicknell
Alex Bourne
Daniel Clarke
Jephthe Doguie
Wayne Irish
Tanya Park
Darshan Mann

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@TParkEastleighN and @Alexbourne, I am a bit confused when you say there were 5 elections in Eastleigh.

There were 12 Borough, and 8 County. Admittedly you didn’t win them all, but to say all 5 elections seemd to be a bit misleading to me.

Please clarify?


All 5 in Eastleigh Town -

HCC COUNTY - Eastleigh South & North

EBC BOROUGH - Eastleigh South, Central & North

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Funny, reading that I get the impression I didn’t come second in Eastleigh Central… What an odd way to phrase their decline in vote share, surely an innocent mistake and not part of a worrying long term tactic of voter suppression.


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