House Confirms - Hanns Way Car Park to make way for housing

The residents will have a full chance to be engaged !!! That’s the process - make a plan then consult on it. An FOI on this is a waste of resources and tax payers money !!!

But then surely that’s a waste of time and effort if the council presents a proposition that residents don’t want? It’ll have to be fully amended in line with their requirements leading to more lost time and cost.

Unless you’re saying that once the council makes a plan, it cannot be amended. In which case it’s pointless engaging with residents/tax payers because they’ll get a say but no action.

It looks from the outside for residents a warped political process that does not take into account the people it would impact. Which is largely what has happened at Samson’s.

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Wow what a thread! :rofl: Sorry for late response Darren.

Again will wait for full details before making full comment for obvious reasons.

Looking at the current comments it’s about as clear as mud what will actually happen. Agree with Sam’s comments asking for details of initial proposals etc to be made public. No idea why Councillors operate under such a cloak and dagger approach on any such project, but to be expected.

Also before any Councillor accuses me of not understanding the process, like they have Sam above, and because they’ve accused me of this before in similar consultations: There is no legal precedent in either planning Law or the council constitution that says Councillors can’t publicly discuss currently available plans or their own personal preferences/thoughts. If the Lib-Dems had a housing policy or development policy locally we wouldn’t have to stab in the dark. Seriously, I know thats mad but just check their website/leaflets for proof of this absence of policy. Tories are exactly the same.

On my thoughts currently based on comments above: Eastleigh Labour’s policy is clear on such matters; in principle we would support a council housing development on such a site, especially if cllr House’s response is correct and this site was previously demarcated for housing. Personally and in line with our published policy, I have concerns about this site being given to VIVID. I’ve heard troubling things from current residents about their experiences with VIVID and strongly believe the privatisation of borough owned housing stock was a tragic mistake that has contributed in a large part to our current financial, and developmental situation as a borough.

Eastleigh Labour will make a formal comment and take a formal position when full details are available. So would like some nuance from any reader from an opposition party who thinks to try and run with this comment outside of its clear intention in the context of this full post.

Crucial point. It’s often hidden behind locally but it’s totally misinformed.

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