House Confirms - Hanns Way Car Park to make way for housing

In response to the rumours circling around the Eastleigh social mediawebs following a parking attendant “tip off”, Cllr House was asked directly if EBC had really sold the Car Park on Hanns Way (opposite Pizza Hut).

This was his reply

“This site was previously developed. The current temporary car park will be replaced with housing, as always planned.”

It appears that Vivid have indeed been given some form of a green light to build housing on the site

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Bit of an odd one this… a temporary car park spanning 20 years is good going for any car park. Also frequently used by many.

And given the push to possibly pedestrianised Hjgh and Market, the car park is arguably one of the closer ones (other than Swan Centre, of course).

Still, at least it’s a brownfield site.

Thoughts @Josh_Constable, @ACulley , @LisaCrosher (I would tag the EBC Central Conservative rep but I don’t know who that is, so you’re closest), @IndyCentral1

Would also be good if the LDs could give any further background to the decision - so tagging @Alexbourne and @TParkEastleighN (I don’t think Cllrs Doguie or Irish are here)

Local borough councillors are rarely involved in development decisions on council land. That is what the cabinet and officers do. Local Councillors will be part of the planning decision and will look at an application regardless of who is applying- the decision will then be made on planning guidelines. As chair of ELAC I will get a heads up if schemes are nearing the permission stage. I have heard nothing about this site recently. 18 months ago the LAC looked at a scheme and fed back but it was withdrawn. I have subsequently asked again it’s the very early stages and so I have not been involved and know no details. The land is earmarked for development as it used to be a building. More economical to knock an old building down and use as a car park until permission is granted. Anyone who knows Portsmouth will know they did the same with the Tricorn Centre - knocked it down and put temporary car park there that’s now been there for years. The are more than enough peking places in the Town centre.

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Let’s try and get this back on track.

Do you both (@Alexbourne and @Sam4eastleigh ) agree or disagree with the proposed housing replacing Hanns Way?

I know it’s not fully been fleshed out yet, so we can only speak around the concept of housing in that location.

Eastleigh will lose 16 standard spaces and 3 disabled spaces in quite a busy location. Also, i can only imagine it being more of a block of flats given the size of the area, which, considering the proximity to the electrical? area just north of it, is a bit concerning.


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I’m not privy to all the details to make a decision on whether it’s good or bad.

@Alexbourne can you share the details so residents can get a view on if this is a good or bad thing?

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Full details - just like all planning permissions will appear on the council website when they are ready to be published.

Okay doke - can you share indicative planes for residents?

No because I don’t have access and they haven’t been completed.

Understood. Who has access? They don’t need to be complete. Indicative helps set expectations.

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Hi @Alexbourne - did you manage to source the indicative proposals for residents?

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No and I’m not going to circumvent the process and get people worrying about things which may not come to pass. Once the plans have been draw up and finalised for discussion and feedback they will be placed on the planning portal for everyone to see. Then in due course they will come to ELAC where they will discussed debated and anyone can make representations at the meeting.

This is what’s confusing. Why spend tax payers money and council employees time if the proposition doesn’t meet residents/tax payers requirements?

Surely the most suitable solution is to qualify what people want and make a proposal based on that feedback.

This has echos of Samson’s where residents have not been consulted, resource and tax payers money has been wasted by drawing up entirely unsuitable plans and not qualifying the significance of the site.

Here’s what I’m kinda battling with about this whole thing (note i do not expect a reply, this is just me sounding off)

Someone has advised a parking attendant that the car park is to become Vivid housing. This implies it is a done deal, and effectively puts the attendant out of work (or relocated to a different car park).
The parking attendant feels so strongly about this, and has then informed a resident, who has then posted on Eastleigh Neighbours

Yet ELAC have no idea and are saying that it is going to be done, but we’ve not even planned for it yet.

So either one of the parties in the message chain is actually a Vivid representative (and just trying to do a “scream test” ) or someone’s not telling ELAC everything.

Confusion reigns


This could be resolved if Alex was willing to be transparent with indicative plans.

What sense does it make to hold information back?

Rings exactly the same as Samson’s. Residents ignored, plans progressed secretly and it takes someone to get involved to hold the council to account.

I’ll drop in an FOI and see what comes back. If that’s rejected, we know it’s a like for like situation.

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I tried to wait an hour between my 2 posts @afdy , I really did :laughing:

In all honesty, I don’t know how it can be down to Alex alone. Only reason I tagged Mr Bourne is he’s one of the more active LDs on here (the other being Tanya).

Cllr House may know more, but he’s not here at this time. Will await the outcome of your FoI, just concerned it may go the way of being deemed “not FoI worthy”


Alex is the chair of ELAC, an elected member and sits on multiple EBC committees. That’s why I’m asking him.

He’s said he doesn’t know and isn’t willing to investigate - the same as Samson’s development.

It’s totally FOI territory because it’s understand where council tax is being spent. Let’s see what comes out. Like I said, if it’s rejected we will know why.

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