Hendy Group expansion plans

The Hendy Group has send leaflets out to residence under the guise of Public Consultation proposing to expand onto the site of the old council office, that is currently unused and was planned to be called Eastleigh Gateway and have offices on it.

Hendy want to build yet another showroom to ‘introduce two new motor brands’. They hint that they might sell electric vehicles.

They already have two substantial properties on Leigh road covering new and used vehicles from Ford, Mazda, Dacia, Renault, Honda and Mazda. As well as a workshop for Lotus and ‘Hendy performance’

This Public Consultant is prior to seeking planning permission.

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Thanks for sharing, I notice @DazzaRPD posted this relevant post elsewhere too, with a copy of the leaflet:

Hendy Group have sent this to residents of Kipling Road (and probably others in the immediate vicinity, as they want to build a new dealership the other side of Villeneuve / St George’s Way

I am sure Eastleigh Borough Council will publish more details of the plans in due course.

Thanks. I didn’t know how to post a photo up here, otherwise I would have!

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