Hampshire Independents - A new political party for Hampshire


Hey @John_Edwards , I would suggest editing this post and writing out what it is about. It’s best to assume users here may not have or do not want to open Facebook. :slight_smile:

I did click the link but it didn’t tell me much and feels a little like spam. :slight_smile:

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It says Independent, but has a very UKIP feel to it when you start scrolling. This is what they say about themselves:

“Hampshire Independents are a group of independently minded Councillors and Councillor candidates who believe in genuinely local politics. No ties to national agenda. Whats good for the community not the politicians paymasters”


GB News, really? “No national agenda”.

I agree that this is a terrible decision, but I thought “No national agenda”?

Appear to want to stop my non-ID holding Mum from voting.

Here we go again with the apparent “No national agenda” despite continuously commenting on the National Agenda.

Not sure what this one has to do with Local issues?


Ha, great write up and valid points @James_Charlesworth ! Thanks, that helps!