Get to know Eastleigh Online - what's your favourite feature?

Welcome to Eastleigh Online!
Eastleigh Online is a relatively new online discussion forum for local residents of Eastleigh Borough. The aim is to promote awareness of local issues, businesses, and better organise and share local information.

Since this place is new for everyone I thought I’d kick off a ‘get to know Eastleigh Online’ topic, so people can pick up some tips and learn some things. If you have any questions, just ask by pressing the big blue reply button at the bottom.

Eastleigh Online makes it easier and much more effective to promote healthy discussions that are open to all once you know how! Our brains have become very accustomed to facebook, which makes using alternatives seem complicated, but its really not that hard if you dive in. :slight_smile:

Some features only become available as you progress through the trusted levels. By getting involved reading and liking content you will progress through the levels and gain more of a voice within the community as to how it should be run.

Structure of Eastleigh Online
Once you get a hang of the structure, things make a lot more sense.

  • Topics are posts that are created by people like you and me that are up for discussion.
  • Posts are any responses to that topic.
  • Categories are the primary way of sorting topics, and you can view topics by category. This post is in the chit chat category, for example, but there are categories for each area of Eastleigh allowing you to set notifications on your local area if you want to.
  • Tags are a useful secondary way of sorting topics which can help people find relevant posts later. This topic is tagged as introductions and fun. shop-local is a very useful tag to list local business topics helping us organise local businesses together.

Useful features

Watch a topic, tag, or category and receive notifications on changes
Really want to keep an eye on something? Just click the little alarm bell, and choose watching
Really don’t want updates on something? Same thing, but choose muted.

Easy to glance over, these little boxes next to each topic are clickable, which will then show you all related topics.

Getting badges for learning new things is nice brain Candy, and can quickly help you see if a community member is familiar with a feature or not.

User profiles
Clicking on a user profile, and then their name quickly lets you see what they’re into and and how much they likely know the community and what their previous posts are.

Latest Posts
Being able to see just the latest posts since you were last around I find really helps - rather than keeping up the endless scroll of facebook. Just click the Latest button at the top to see all the latest posts.

Who knew search could be so good? Click the magnifying glass in the top right and search for what you’re looking for and it actually works, and is super fast!

If you would like to remember a post and come back to it later, click the bookmark image imageat the bottom of any post to remember it, and then you can just click image in the header at any time and come straight back to your list. Try it now with this post! :slight_smile:

Make Wiki
If you make a topic that contains useful information like this one, you can turn it into a wiki. This then allows any trusted community member to be able to edit and improve the content, so we can all grow the information base here for others to share. To make a topic a wiki, you press the spanner icon, and then Make wiki
image image

Mobile Apps
There’s mobile apps available, which mean keeping up to date is even easier.

Upcoming Events
If you are in any groups where events are posted, you can access a calendar of all events by clicking on the image “burger” menu in the top right, and then Upcoming Events.

That'll do for now! I'll come back and add more later. Let me know what you think.

Feel free to add some more yourself, or hit the blue reply button and suggest it or ask a question and I’ll add. :slight_smile: