EBC to Residents - "Bear with us - Bin Collection"

Paul Bicknell, EBC Cllr for Eastleigh South, writes:

“Unfortunately it is very real that the waste collection team are suffering from having to self isolate due to Covid and a national shortage of hgv and lgv drivers.
This is not unique to Eastleigh as a recent article in the Echo about Southampton Council shows. Other councils nationwide are affected too.
Suffice to say EBC will do everything they can to collect your waste but you may need to be a little more patience than the norm.”

The full statement from EBC, as well as rolling updates on missed bins etc., can be found here -

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Bin collections have been bad long before Covid hit. North Stoneham specifically are having recurring issues with collections, I’ve had my own bin missed twice and there are people constantly contacting me that bins in flats are not being emptied.

I don’t doubt Covid is now having an impact on collections. However, there was a problem long before the impact of isolation requirements due to the pandemic.

Eastleigh Borough Council spent £15,000 on a private consultant to advise them on how to empty bins (tax payers cash). Since this has been implemented, there has been issue after issue.

My suggestion is stop trying to cut costs and just deliver the service that Eastleigh residents pay for.