EBC Attendance Record - 2021 Council

The main post will be a rolling count of meetings that Councillors have missed. Subsequent comments will explain the attendance of every meeting (along with other opinions about the attendance)

The Lib Dems do have a large majority in Council, so this may appear to be an(other) anti-LD post. I can reassure you that it is not

Rolling Tally - 2021 Meetings Missed

Name Ward Party Total Count Missed Percentage Missed
Jephthe Doguie Eastleigh Central Lib Dem 2 100%
Paul Bicknell Eastleigh South Lib Dem 1 50
Alan Broadhurst Chandlers Ford Lib Dem 1 50
Daniel Clarke Eastleigh North Lib Dem 2 100
Richard Gomer West End North Lib Dem 1 50
Michelle Marsh Fair Oak & Horton Heath Lib Dem 2 100
David Pragnell Chandlers Ford Lib Dem 1 50
Jane Rich Bursledon and Hound North Lib Dem 2 100
Rob Rushton Fair Oak & Horton Heath Lib Dem 1 50
Tim Bearder West End South Lib Dem 1 50

Last Updated - 1 June 2021 after the Full Council meeting.

Full Council meetings held:
20 May 2021 - Annual General Meeting
27 May 2021

Known apologies:
Cllr Bicknell missed the AGM due to work commitments (this may impact future meetings too as its shift work)
Cllr Marsh missed the AGM due to work commitments and the Council meeting on 27th May due to family commitments.


How is it acceptable to miss the most crucial meeting in the councils calendar?

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Councillors are people too, it’s okay if they miss the odd meeting. But in some cases, like Rob Rushton, Councillors appear to go AWOL and no explanation is ever made to the public. @DazzaRPD would be great if you could keep this up to date rolling forward.


That is the plan, hence the “rolling Tally until the next elections”. May take it beyond, we’ll see how it goes.

It is also a wiki page, so others can also help .
Thanks for the support .


I guess, much like in Paul Bicknell’s case, sometimes work gets in the way. Keith House commented on FB to say that some Cllrs may be shielding due to not having the vaccine/being able to receive a vaccine.

So those could be 2 reasons

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Cllr Marsh has indicated she is shielding, and also had prior work commitments

@DazzaRPD have you seen the changes to what is classed as ‘attendance’ at EBC meetings?

I’m afraid I have not and cannot find any reference. Kindly fill me in?

Quote from @Lou elsewhere:

Eastleigh Borough Council has decided Councillors who watch ‘Full Council’ on YouTube Thursday can be marked as in attendance, despite not voting or participating?! Don’t get me wrong not having 2metres between everyone is crazy & I understand people being worried, but no rollcall or way to prove seems laughable. At least when it was teams a roll call and each Councillor could be shown. Councils really need the ability to host virtual meetings officially or hybrid meetings. This is not good for democracy.

Seems like Eastleigh Borough Council is working around having an accurate attendance record!

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Councillors will be classed as attended if they watch the meeting on YouTube (I.e. don’t actually participate).

Makes sense as to why Keith House was so pleased you were tracking the numbers now.

The huge mass of Lib Dem councillors that don’t live locally can now ‘attend’ and the public won’t know any different!

Disappointed that there’s no Facebook post detailing the same. Seeing as Mr House doesn’t believe in this forum… sigh

@afdy and @Sam4eastleigh , ignore previous. I see it now, and the response from @TParkEastleighN says “it’s not us, its the team in Blue” :-

"This current Tory government made this terrible decision, the Local Government Association then challenged it in the High Court but sadly the judges ruled it wasn’t able to make a decision, saying it was a job for Parliament.

This is a highly hypocritical move by the government as they’re still allowing some MPs to attend Commons sessions virtually.

Councillors across the country who for health reasons are having to shield still are being denied the ability to properly represent their residents.

I would hope that Paul Holmes MP will strongly lobby for this decision to be reversed, but that would mean going against his own party, something he’s not yet done…not even to secure continuation of Free School Meals in the Commons vote last October.

LocalGov.co.uk - Your authority on UK local government - Virtual council meeting challenge dismissed by High Court"

We’ve heard that one too many times now. Lib Dems made the decision.

So if I understand correctly, Westminster has outlawed online meetings from May 6th, which is “why EBC must take this action”…

So Councillors can have a YouTube meeting instead, and write comments that may never be read or may be “zoombombed” and lost or similar.

Remind me, where is YouTube again?

The council officers would have made the decisions on the specifics, probably after taking advice from the Local Government Association and/or legal advice.

Stop trying to dress this up as a political decision by the Lib Dems.

Political decision by Lib Dems now that the community is engaged in local politics.

It’s the desperation that shines through that is most telling.

The council officers would have made the decisions on the specifics, probably after taking advice from the Local Government Association and/or legal advice.

Nothing political about it whatsoever to say otherwise is cynical point scoring at its worst.

Lib Dem desperation as poor attendance triggers a by-election. When your councillors live 70 miles away, it’s a sound strategic move to keep Lib Dems in place.

Everyone can see it.

@TParkEastleighN I’m sorry, are you kidding? “Nothing political about it”. This is like the definition of politics isn’t it?

The art or science of government or governing, especially the governing of a political entity, such as a nation, and the administration and control of its internal and external affairs.

This decision was taken by the local Lib Dem led government @ Eastleigh Borough Council?

Are you suggesting it is right that Eastleigh Borough Council consider an elected councillor as “present” at a meeting based on them having said they have watched a YouTube video?

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Will be interesting to see how this goes. If 9 Councillors didn’t attend the AGM (and only 2 had prior commitments) how many will actually want to go out in this lovely wet weather and go in?

I’ll Tally it regardless. Apparently its going to be made explicit that the Councillors were there via YT (and so automatically excluded from voting etc., but that’s a separate issue). So it might just mean a slight tweak to the table if it’s as clear as that.

Thanks for the clarity @afdy, @Sam4eastleigh and @TParkEastleighN , and @Lou for the original heads up

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