Eastleigh Local Elections - With and without proportional representation

Mark Salathiel produced this great analysis of the recent 2021 local election for Eastleigh Borough Council which illustrates the issue within our current political system. I added a pie chart to further illustrate.

The Eastleigh Lib Dem group got 45% of the votes, but obtain 83% control of the council.

Less than half of us voted for Lib Dems, but they have 4/5 of the seats. They are disproportionately represented.

  • LD - 44%, 10 seats, 1,560 votes per seat

  • CON - 36%, 1 seat, 12,950 votes per seat

  • IND - 6%, 1 seat, 2,113 votes per seat (only 3 independents stood)

  • LAB - 12%, 0 seats from their 4,414 votes.

If we want a council representative of our views, vote tactically or there should be an election pact between opposition parties to stand aside and not split the opposition vote. I get this means some people won’t be able to vote for the party they want to, but your preferred party should get more representation on the council.