Eastleigh Lib Dems - "Personalised Letter from Anne Winstanley" April 2021

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Transcript of Letter

Cllr Anne Winstanley | Fair Oak | Eastleigh
14 April 2021
Dear Resident

This year’s local elections matter as they will decide who stands up for local residents in our area on our Borough Council. I am standing for re-election to continue campaigning for our area alongside Mike Thornton, Trevor Mignot and Helen Douglas.

The local Lib Dem team takes pride in our record on the Council. Over the last 18 years we have cut the Borough’s Council Tax in real terms, keeping money in your pocket, and protected local services. Take a look at your bill again this year to compare our record with Hampshire Conservatives’ tax hike - more than £200 in four years - and massive service cuts.

Here in Eastleigh Borough we have also -
Secured funds to tackle heavily congested Bishopstoke and Fair Oak Roads and the busy Allington Lane junction
• Saved Fair Oak Library after the Conservative County closed it
• Committed to plant 160,000 trees and launched our own Tree Nursery
• Updated the Council’s Local Plan to remove new major new housing around Fair Oak

We know your views matter. That’s why our regular FOCUS newsletter keeps you informed about local issues and gives you the chance to have your say for our community

Around here, elections are a straight choice between the local Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives. Everyone knows that Labour and others cannot win. Lib Dems have won 34 of the 39 seats on the Council. Labour has no councillors.

I hope you will support me with your vote in this election, and support Mike Thornton again in the County Council election on the same day. And please do remember, if there are ever any issues you would like taken up, please do get in touch

With best wishes,
Anne Winstanley
Cllr Anne Winstanley

PS Elections in our Borough are often close between Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives. Lib Dems topped the poll again last time. Labour come last here.

The local winners!
Source: Last local elections across Eastleigh -
Lib Dem 1st
Con 2nd
Lib Dems Win Here!

Letter Transcript added, will do flyer a bit later

Gotta say, there is a very strong push to absolutely nullify Labour’s chances. At least 3 or 4 mentions about Labour winning being IMPOSSIBLE

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