Eastleigh Lib Dems - 2021 Leaflet 6 "Eastleigh Gazette"

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This whole gazette is word for word the same as The Parishes Gazette which was delivered to Fair Oak and Horton Heath with different local councillor photos - with the exception of the last page which reads:

Lib dems back safer streets around our town

Campaigning local Lib Dems have backed local residents wanting safer streets and are demanding action from Hampshire County Council to provide pedestrian and pelican crossings.

At Twyford Road, it is getting across the busy road to local shops that has seen Town Councillor Jephthe Doguie support a new crossing.

At Shakespeare Road, campaigner Tanya Park says, “I’ve recently had a resident who nearly got knocked down crossing to the shops even though this is a 20mph zone. I’m going to push the County to put in a safe crossing”.

Down at Stoneham Football Complex, South Ward councillor Alex Bourne, has challenged Hampshire County Council’s failure to back a safe crossing. “To say that a safe crossing is not needed is folly and is an accident waiting to happen. 100s of children cross near the park when the site is in operation”.

The Lib Dem team are on YOUR side for road safety.

Eastleigh’s Lib Dem Borough Council is on your side!

Communities have proved capable of handling everything had to throw at it, from Coronavirus, to horrendous storms, and cuts to County council services.

“Community and church groups, and many volunteers have made a massive difference”, says Eastleigh councillor, Jephthe Doguie, “we all want 2021 to be a better year, as we start to see Virus vaccines delivered to start a return to normal”.

Easrtleigh Borough Council is doing what it can to help with £84,000 of extra support for food banks after the Government failed to provide half term free school meals. Keeping Borough Council services again helps.

In our town centre, along with improving pedestrian access to help with social distancing, the Borough Council’s Lib Dems have launched parking initiatives including extra free time with Ringo. “it was good to get this agreed to help shoppers”, says Jephthe. “As Tesco say, ‘every little helps’”