Eastleigh Labour - 2021 Leaflet 1 "Samson's to be destroyed"

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Samson’s to be destroyed. Three storey flats in it’s place. Sam’s fighting back.

Late on Friday evening, Eastleigh Borough Council snuck out an email that exposed lies told to residents by current Lib Dem councillors, Alex Bourne and Tina Campbell.

Samson’s Gym and the former pottery workshop are being demolished and replaced by a three-storey block of of flats that will cause parking chaos, destroy our historic building and create a viewing platform of residents gardens. However, all is not lost as Sam Jordan is fighting back!

Despite promises made by local Lib Dems that “nothing had been confirmed”, plans on the council’s website indicate a huge complex of flats which has no parking, is not in keeping with local architecture and completely disregards residents requirements. Sam said “I’ve been close to residents on the issue and kept quiet until now - I wanted to give the Lib Dems a chance - but they’ve blown it!”. Sam added "I want to make Eastleigh better and that means working as a community not being dictated to by the council.

I will fight hard against this being built. Your vote on May 6th will help me do that.

Vote for Sam Jordan on May 6th for him to:

  • Reject this development.
  • Get our roads repaired.
  • Secure a free parking permit
  • Make Eastleigh better!

This leaflet was first shared on the Eastleigh Neighbours facebook group.

Alex has strongly objects to having personally lied. The thread in the facebook group indicates where the “lies” stems from in this quote from Daisy Jeanne:

it’s this, I’d have a word with whoever wrote and send this email. I presume it’s because you have said nothing has been decided, yet this official document from EBC says otherwise. It’s not Sam’s fault if your marketing department have mucked up. If they haven’t though then that’s a different and quite frankly horrible situation you have been put in by the council and you should absolutely take it up with them.

Direct link: The Parlour

It should be noted the council have now amended the wording in the official communications on their website: