Eastleigh Election Hustings

Wayne has also been poorly and has only been able to telephone canvas - very poor attack on an old man that doesn’t read this forum so didn’t know about hustings.

@Alexbourne - In fairness, @Josh_Constable 's comment was not purely about Hustings.

I think it’s more to do with their latest leaflet - https://eastleigh.online/t/2021-eastleigh-lib-dems-leaflet-15-wayne-irish-tanya-park/

Reason I say this is his comment here was made after he read / commented on the leaflet post

Forgive me, but what does his age have to do with anything? I know some LD Cllrs were unhappy about other Cllr ages dueing the Airport expansion vote, but I don’t see the relevance here in this topic


Alex I think you need to re-read the thread. I literally asked Tanya to send someone else and she refused to reply. Forgive me but it’s not our job to find a substitute when a Lib-Dem candidate won’t show up…

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Firstly, due to my illness I have also been in this position, unlike Wayne I made that information public as soon as it impacted my ability to campaign. Why didn’t Wayne do the same? I of course wish him a speedy recovery.

Secondly you’re pushing forward an ageist stereotype there Alex… There is no reason someones age means they can’t use online forums… They only thing I am criticising Wayne for is allowing lies to go out on his leaflets, something I believed he wouldn’t do before this contest.

To be honest here, I’m no longer willing to engage with your team in good faith and I would warn the public the same. Your party has overseen a dirty campaign and refused to engage with the prospect of debates on numerous occasions over numerous years. For you to now come onto this thread, clearly without having read the comments to try and spin my comments in any other way than that which they were clearly written is further proof of the desperation and dirty tactics your party and its representatives have continuously employed, because you seem to have a pathological fear of discussing the political issues so instead you make things up!

I am personally so disappointed as someone who has always argued that we should engage each other in good faith and tried to be civil both in and out of election time. I am certain that it is because of the actions of your party that we see so many people lose trust in politics and politicians. I repeat my earlier comments about your actions being embarrassing for an incumbent party and that you deserve nothing less than a resounding defeat for your actions in this campaign.


This post is far from civil Josh and reflects the tone from Eastleigh Labour Party.

I leave it up to members of the public, who will read this thread and others Alex to judge. Yet again; you flat out refuse to engage with the very real issues I’ve raised in my above post… What a state for our local democracy to be in :disappointed:

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All sound points - we just have to ignore it, Josh. We all know how the Lib Dem’s conduct themselves - it’s Lame with a capital L (we know that people across Eastleigh tell us how embarrassing it is).

It’s in Alex’s interest to distract from the real issues, as you rightly say. Let’s keep our positive campaign around real issues for our community;

  • one free parking permit
  • transform our local economy
  • fix the basics; clean and repair out streets

We’re going to make Eastleigh better - regardless of Lib Dem lies.

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Hi Alex - sorry the hustings I was going to host was Eastleigh North so not in Wayne’s area. If it had have been I would have personally got hold of him as I know he isn’t active on social media and I am aware of his recent medical situation. I know Wayne would have probably been happy to participate in a hustings for central had he been asked :blush:

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I’ve been wondering how we could increase the chances of making a hustings happen next time. Maybe getting a few dates pencilled in before nominations have even closed would help. Perhaps one date for a representative from each party regardless of ward to open things up a bit, although not sure how that would work for independent candidates. Then another date for the ward with the most candidates as long as a majority agree to take part, and another for the first ward where all candidates agree to participate. Or a variation of that kind of thing. Assuming @Melanie_Tellwright or someone else is up for hosting something next time that is!

Next election is only a year away, unless they push it back cos of the pandemic.

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I’d be happy for the Bishy-Independents to attend and send a rep. Not sure about how we fairly give platforms to any other’s non grouped though. Nothing to stop ward level town-hall debates. (providing its COVID secure next year!) But I think there being a main inter-party debate would be a good idea, and no excuses for not sending anyone…

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Sounds like he’s recovered quickly, Alex! Wayne is being a teller at Eastleigh Masonic Centre! Great to see he’s better!

Especially after Eastleigh borough council asked for tellers to not be in place this year due to the pandemic.

Awful. Truly, truly awful.

You have got to be kidding me… This is ridiculous!

All logged as a matter of public record now. Can’t hide the leaflet lies, can’t hide the awful behaviour.