Eastleigh Council - Consultants Fees

Disappointing that no questions have been answered regarding this investigation. It’s clear we need to dig deeper on the subject to find out what exactly has been delivered under these ‘consultants fees’.

£4m is a lot of public money.

Can’t believe the council gave such a crap answer! And silence from the Lib-Dems!

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Terrible response. Makes you wonder what’s being hidden?

The Lib Dems normally jump to defend themselves? Why so silent on this?

Politically expedient thing to do; silence. Totally not how things should work though. Politicians should be able to justify their actions, and relish the opportunity. This is cloak and dagger cowardice. Hopefully with pressure we will get some answers though. Great work bringing this to light!

No response means there is something to hide, remember this lot have been in power decades they are not used to being investigated. I remember when a Labour Councillor put the finger on a scandal that cost the ratepayers over £1.5 million and the Chief exec gained a massive severance pay out.


Agreed @TIRAS1. It was your great work that set this all in motion as well!