Eastleigh Community Action: Crime

Seen or suffered a crime in Eastleigh? Post it here with the details you have.

Over the past year, myself and several others have monitored the crime data, reports of criminal acts and general approach to policing in Easlteigh. Based on the information we have put together, we have decided that more needs to be done to prevent crime and it would be great that, as a community, we can come together and make the difference.

Eastleigh have one police officer on the beat at any one time. This makes crime prevention very hard and often results in failure to solve crime after the act. Until someone is elected to increase police more funding and put more police on Eastleigh’s streets, it’s our opportunity to support our community and act as a deterrent.

You can find the latest information on Eastleigh’s crime figures here:

We would like to create central location where accurate information can be shared to ensure residents are aware of any risks or themes.

So, if you’ve had a break-in, bicycle stolen or have footage of suspicious activity, please post it below with your relevant description. We will then act to spread this message to the rest of the community.

Lets work together and make Eastleigh better!

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There is nothing more frustrating than having your car vandalised.

Check dash and cameras to ensure your car isn’t vulnerable.

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Great idea - a few years ago someone put a wine bottle through my car window! As I couldn’t be specific on the timing of the incident (it was an 18 hour window) nothing was investigated despite the fact I live on a road that has a camera at each end and one that looked directly at my car the whole time!


My god, that must have been annoying. I had a car broken in to three times on Passfield avenue in Eastleigh - a main road!

I feel like this could be a valuable tool for our commuting as a whole. If we report here any information we have, we can help people take preventive measures or pass the information to the police.

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Oh wow!! How frustrating! Personally I was frustrated that there are cameras so close to my property yet was told they would not be looked at. What’s the point in them being there if they won’t review footage???

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That’s definitely one really frustrating thing about CCTV. As a country, we’re watched something like 175 times a day (in normal times) but often CCTV isn’t reviewed or usable.

For me that’s why it makes sense to build a community where we can all contribute incrementally and either better equip us for prevention or point out obvious, recurring perps!

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