Eastleigh Central Political Leaflets - Feb 2022 By-election

As requested please find enclosed two of the leaflets I’ve received recently. There was another Lib Dem one but I think that has gone in the bin as I can’t find it now. There is also a letter from Labour to Union Members doing the rounds but I don’t have a copy of that one.

Best wishes.


And these are the ones I received today.


We did see Bhavin driving off when we were doorknocking your road Mel, rather odd as no house we knocked had had anyone else doorknocking at all! I am a bit concerned to think that the Lib Dem team is posting misleading letters, saying they’ve “called to see people”, when in fact the candidate is just delivering his leaflets. Could be wrong, @Melanie_Tellwright did he knock your door? @bhavin.dedhia care to comment?

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Hi Josh,
I wasn’t in this morning - which is why I missed you. So not sure if the LDs knocked on my door or not to be honest. Sorry!


Hello Josh, we have been knocking doors since last weekend. We would only put a leaflet through if a member of team has been there. I am unaware where Melanie lives so wouldn’t want to comment.

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Hi Bhavin, that’s really good to hear, you can learn a lot by listening to residents, just very surprised we missed your team then and nobody mentioned this! As I said, we saw you driving off from this road (wont post which for Mel’s privacy) always happy to have a chat if we catch each other.


Oh you must have missed them. They did spot your team at Nutbeem I believe. I did drive away earlier to Winchester. Out again this afternoon.
Happy to chat anytime.

Just popping in here to re-tag this, now I’ve finally understood @jtonline 's wishes

Offer to all candidates (@SimonPayne , @Josh_Constable , @bhavin.dedhia , @Clare_Fawcett )

If you’d like, I can provide my email address to you, so that I can transcribe these leaflets properly and put them in individual posts on this forum

@BDP - as you’re the only Green rep I know on here, will Mr Stapleton be joining us on here to add a wedge of Green to this election


Hopefully, Jack will be along shorty to say ‘hi’. Eastleigh Greens have taken the decision not to fill people’s letterboxes with loads of leaflets but will be happy to chat.

Put up all 3 leaflets as separate posts

@SimonPayne - Central By-Election Feb 2022 - Simon Payne (Conservative Leaflet 1)

@Josh_Constable - Central By-Election Feb 2022 - Josh Constable (Labour Leaflet 1)

@bhavin.dedhia - Central By-Election Feb 2022 - Bhavin Dedhia (LibDem Leaflet 1)

Bhavin, I’m not going to put up the Focus leaflet , for 2 main reasons

  1. Repeated information
  2. in the interests of fairness to the other 2 candidates.

It’lll be great if he does. Would be wonderful if the Greens want to do a “digital leaflet”, I’m sure we can still work a way of posting it up here (provided @afdy allows it, of course)


I’ll upload something over the weekend.

Hope this is OK to add to the Eastleigh Central by-election leaflets. As mentioned previously, Eastleigh Greens have decided not to fill peoples letterboxes with leaflets, so this is a digital leaflet for Jack Stapleton. @BDP

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Duly uploaded and transcribed.

Thanks @Tracy_Weeks , @BDP and the Eastleigh Greens for making it so simple to do so


Curious about the ‘160,000 trees to be planted’ Bhavin’s leaflet mentions, surely this is across the borough by the year 2030 and not just Eastleigh Central? That would be an amazing rewilding project. #WelcomeToTheJungle

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Also curious, ‘Airport saved from closure’ needs explaining as the planning meetings made clear that the airport has never been at risk of closure and that is does not need a longer runway to survive. The longer runway cannot guarantee anything other than more pollution and traffic.

Leaflets on behalf of @Clare_Fawcett

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Damn, I need better alerting…

Will transcribe momentarily. Thanks Mel!

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I like that the Greens are standing by their principles and not leafleting, we need more principles and morals in politics… well done! One could say Jack is standing as a non-paper candidate…

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