Eastleigh Central by-election Thursday 10 February 2022

The official candidate list is out!

So, 3 names I recognise (@SimonPayne , @Josh_Constable and Mr Dedhia (LD)). 2 I unfortunately dont.

Last election Bhavin was beaten by an Independent. Make of that what you will, other candidates - https://www.eastleigh.gov.uk/latest-news/results-of-parish-council-elections-in-eastleigh-borough-6-may-2021

In that same election, Simon ran Alex close in the neighbouring ward of Eastleigh South. I suspect he may have some better fortune here, but not if Westminster drags all Tories down.

Mr Constable stepping up for yet another Central election. Will it finally be his time, given the above?

Hopefully we’ll hear more from the other candidates too. Remember to push your leaflets to #eastleigh-politics:political-leaflets ,


@DazzaRPD I think they were Parish results, in this is a Borough election isn’t it? Eastleigh Central results from the last Borough Election on 6th May 2021:

Ward Candidate Party Votes
Eastleigh Central IRISH, Wayne Liberal Democrat 943
CONSTABLE, Josh Labour & Co-operative 735
YATES, Chris Conservative 641
RAJ, Sukhdev Hampshire Independents 146
CULLEY, Alexander Conrad Reform UK 88

After a quick eyes-only glance at the contenders in this by-election , @Josh_Constable and @SimonPayne look the most active and reliable folks based rather rudely on twitter activity, profile fullness, and previous elections they’ve stood for. They get bonus points also for being the only two registered here! :slight_smile:

(Disclaimer: Alphabetical order).

Correct, was the Allbrook parish council election

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I’m shocked to see these results. I recently read a Liberal Democrat leaflet and it gave me the impression I hadn’t got a record of beating the tories in Eastleigh Central. They wouldn’t lie on one of their leaflets would they…?

Bonus points for biscuit choices as well!

Does anyone know if Simon has an email address for the campaign- he’s the only one without one. The rest of the candidates have pretty complete profiles now, which is great.

Not sure where you’re keeping these, but anyway…


@bhavin.dedhia and @Clare_Fawcett are also here, and hopefully Jack will accept the invite I sent as well

Just spotted Eastleigh News have an article on the by-election

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Just contacted you via message. May be easiest to email me directly so I can upload / transcribe (else we gotta wait for @afdy to fiddle with permissions)

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Good luck to @bhavin.dedhia , @Clare_Fawcett , Jack, @Josh_Constable and @SimonPayne today .

Nobody’s complained of large queues at voter stations, so either everything’s running smoothly or nobody’s turned up

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Not quite so much media noise about it, and so no friends of friends arguing about lefty this and righty that - its very small and focussed on one area, so I guess an ultra low turn out.