Eastleigh Central By-Election Candidate Speed-Hustings!

Calling Eastleigh Central Election Candidates for the 10th of May By-Election,

UPDATE 07/02/2022 - The outcome of our work:


Following on from the discussion over here, there is a keenness among you to perform a last minute hustings of sorts. While arranging a full interactive one is complicated and long, I think perhaps a more agile “respond when you can” approach may work best given the timescales.


  1. Anyone can pose questions by posting them here, or if you wish to be anonymous send them directly to me.
  2. New questions can be submitted until latest Saturday 1pm (the 5th of February 2022).
  3. This post will be edited with the formal question list.
  4. Candidates send your video responses to me before Sunday 6pm (6th of February 2022). (3 candidates have submitted questions, thanks @Clare_Fawcett, @SimonPayne , @Josh_Constable ).
  5. I’ll splice the questions and your video responses together and release here.


  • Maximum 60 second responses per question.
  • Candidates are allowed to ask one question to other candidates. (As above, send it to me anonymously or post below and we can add to the list).
  • Due to tight timescales, I reserve the right to change any rules last minute. :slight_smile:

Questions - now locked

Candidates note: Answers must be maximum 60 seconds or risk being cut.

  • Hello, Who are you?
  • Icebreaker: What’s your favourite biscuit?
  • Why are you standing in this Election?
  • Why should I get out and vote, aren’t you all the same anyway?
  • If you were elected, what would be the first three things to address on behalf of Eastleigh residents?
  • How would you look to bring people back to the town centre?
  • What local community arts projects or events would you continue or develop?
  • Have you ever been a member of a different political party?
  • How long have you lived in Eastleigh?
  • When did you last attend a meeting of the Eastleigh Local Area Committee, and what issues did you raise?
  • Who don’t you think will participate in this speed-hustings, and why?
  • 2020/2021 crime figures for the ward indicate that violent and sexual crime has increased by 10%. Other than the initiatives already in place, what would your proposal be to work with stakeholders to assist in reducing the exponential rise in violent and sexual crime, particularly towards women.
  • Have you or your party published a local manifesto with your plan for Eastleigh, and if not, why not?
  • One last call - anything you’d like to say?

Candidates, please send your video responses to Adam by 6pm Sunday, however is best for you (email, facebook, etc).

@Josh_Constable , @Clare_Fawcett , @bhavin.dedhia , @SimonPayne, Jack I’ve emailed @ Eastleigh Greens as he isn’t a member here):


In the vein of @Alexbourne 's question on facebook yesterday…

Q1 for me - @Josh_Constable are you a Corbynite or a Starmerite?

(Insert some really bad take about questionable character judgment if you’re one or the other…)

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Haha, well I voted for Nandy in the last leadership contest so neither.

Know that’s unhelpful so: I’m a member of the Party’s ‘soft left’ grouping. (Ed Miliband, Nadia Whittom also in this group). Basically means I’m on the left but recognise the need to work with all the traditions of the labour movement to achieve the transformative government we need.

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Just a couple of hours to go to put questions forward! A few more questions have been received - I’ll update the list later when it is locked. :slight_smile:

No questions from Twitter

3 candidates have submitted questions and a few more from anonymous external so I’ve updated the list above. (Thanks @Clare_Fawcett, @SimonPayne, @Josh_Constable).

These are the final proposed questions - if anyone has any last minute modifications or suggestions please call it now before we freeze the list at 2pm and ask candidates to send in video responses to me. :slight_smile:

I’ll then splice these clips together to form one video.

I suggest we keep this thread open to allow any residents to post a new question to all candidates directly and anyone can answer.

So far zero response from DEDHIA, Bhavin (Lib Dem) or STAPLETON, Jack (Green Party).

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I can confirm @bhavin.dedhia knows about this, I messaged him and he responded yesterday.


Thanks @Josh_Constable!

Questions are now locked with no changes. Candidates please send your video responses to me by 6pm tomorrow. However is easiest, email, facebook, file sharing, etc.

Responses must be under 60 seconds or risk being trimmed.

Preferably send each response as a separate video, but happy to accept one stream and I’ll break it up if its easier for you.

Anyone else - feel free to post questions to candidates for them to answer directly here, but they won’t be included in the video.

@BDP or @Tracy_Weeks , can.you get Jack on board?


Hiya, sorry had a few days off for my birthday. I’ve given Jack a nudge although he may be away this weekend @BDP is away).

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I’ve now received the first videos and spliced together. I have to say I really enjoyed watching and it’s more of what I’d like to see when deciding who to vote for - hopefully you guys will too when all the responses are in! :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for taking part!

If anyone is interested in peer reviewing the video before we publish the final cut- drop me a message and let me know.

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thanks for all your hard work on this Adam, it really is appreciated by me and I hope the electorate will find it useful too!

Re peer reviewing, here’s my thoughts… No, I don’t think we should peer review… If this was a traditional hustings we wouldn’t have that opportunity so why should we have it now? Plus, I think you may well open a massive can of worms and create more work for yourself, you know what us politicians are like lol :wink:

vids incoming to your messenger now (sorry its a few mins late) - I’d like all my commentary on there but take out where I repeat the question being asked at the beginning of each clip it that helps. I’ve stuck to the 60 seconds as requested.


they are taking ages to send, sorry…

haha! very valid point, I completely agree there! For peer review I was more thinking from non candidates, to make sure I’m being fair, and make sure I haven’t accidentally made a screw up in splicing questions together somehow. I think being able to modify or change or clip answers could start to get far too complicated to do fairly as you suggest! :slight_smile:

Thanks for taking part! I look forward to watching!

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Dont give 1 candidate 5 minutes and another one 3 :stuck_out_tongue:

The hype is real. Gotta do this in person sometime


Actually, while an in-person hustings is great, after doing this and watching it - there is something in this format which I think could be more digestible to some than an in-person lengthy debate.

I guess we’ll see when you all see it. :slight_smile:

Video comes out at around 30 minutes, which is round about what I hoped.

It’s sized at “one episode”, which could help shape your next 4 years in Eastleigh, so hopefully worth a watch.

Plan now:

  • final finishing touches.
  • ask some other kind people to check my work for silly errors.
  • release - which I’ll do on youtube and post the link here.

No eta yet, either tonight if lucky, or tomorrow.

Thanks (in order of video submissions :wink: ) to @Josh_Constable, @SimonPayne , @Clare_Fawcett. I really enjoyed watching your videos and I’m about to test it on my wife… she hates politics so this should be interesting! :joy:


Pleasure Adam, thanks so much for stepping up to organise this!


Wish it was 4 years. The term of office on this one i believe is until May 2023, so whoever gets elected will be doing this again in just over a years time.


Yes thanks goes to Adam for organising this and the time taken compiling the final video.

I also would like to give thanks to the other candidates who have agreed and taken part at short notice. It wasnt something i was expecting to do this campaign, but it was good to do it.