Dog *wanted*

Hi all,
I thought I would try here to see if there’s anyone out there who is looking for a new home for their dog (or if you know anyone who is). Let me explain :- )
I have been trying for a very long time to adopt a dog from a shelter but because we have a cat, most choices are eliminated (although I don’t believe every dog they mark “cat unfriendly”, actually is. They just don’t have the means to test the dogs with cats so they assume, usually based on breed, that they will be unfriendly. It’s unfair to an adopter and to the dog needing a home.
I have dog experienced going back to 1981. I’ve had rescues of various breeds and I’ve worked in vet surgeries, boarding facilities and shelters. I am not too particular of the type of dog (except no french bulldogs or jack russels…) They should be no younger than 5 years old and need to be medium to small sized (can be large, if they’re really mellow) Medical conditions considered. Obviously cat friendly! :- ) And no droolers, lol. We can discuss more, if this is of any interest to anyone. I hope someone can help (and I help you, too) No nefarious intentions, I swear. I figure it doesn’t hurt to ask.
PS. I refuse to use gumtree or the likes of them, not an option.
Thanks for reading :- )