Do you love or loathe facebook?

I’m curious - what do people actually think of facebook?

Do you want my honest opinion?.. yes and no is my answer,… you have perfectly summed up Facebook, it certainly has its cons,… but in all fairness it does have it’s pro’s too. But I like the idea of a group away from Facebook :slight_smile:

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Ironic that this site is to avoid Facebook but the first thing it does is invite you to log in via Facebook :joy:. I agree FB has pros and cons. But let’s see how this goes. :blush:


Haha, valid point!

I’ve added google and facebook login options to make it slightly easier for people to transition. The learning curve to interact with a new site is hard enough without having to think up a new password :). Personally i never use facebook to login to anything, as that means facebook know when i’ve logged into anything, and that facebook can lock me out of everything if they decide to!

My main concern, which is not any of those i listed in my other posts, is Facebook’s deep, deep grip on the world, and the privacy, democracy and mental health concerns which are often hidden within. I’d actually like to take a break from facebook, but right now that doesn’t seem easily possible, so it eats more time than I’d like looking at pictures of cats.

One aspect of disconnection is that If I disconnect from facebook, I disconnect from my neighbours as there are no other neighbourhood groups / forums off facebook. Isn’t it a bit wrong that one company has that power all over the world, especially when they have been proven to run psychological tests that actually manipulate peoples moods?

See evidence:

Ultimately, i’ll probably never get off facebook, but I’d like to get to the point where I can tone down usage, and remove the app from my phone, and go desktop only. :slight_smile:

A few of these links below state why we should get off facebook than I could regurgitate! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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I completely get what you are saying here. It’s nasty, but as you have said, it disconnects you from the neighbours etc. Damn you Mark Zuckerberg!!

I truly believe he tried to do a good thing and really did do a good thing (How many have benefitted from facebook? I certainly have!). It’s just become too focussed around giving people a targeted dopamine hit! :slight_smile:

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Yes, it certainly has very good points, spreading the word for example. It’s a bit of a marmite love/hate relationship really. Its just when the wrong people go to town on it to spread hate etc.