Do you live in Fair Oak, Eastleigh, or do you regularly travel to or through the village?

Hampshire County Council is looking for people who do to take part in a discussion group on several schemes to improve travel in Fair Oak:

Do you live in Fair Oak, Eastleigh, or do you regularly travel to or through the village?

If so, and you want to help make Fair Oak a better place to live, we would like to hear your views on several schemes we are considering to improve travel in Fair Oak.

If you would be interested in taking part in an informal group discussion online with us over the next few weeks about travel in Fair Oak, please register your interest using the link below, which also provides some further information.

We’re also keen to hear from people who aren’t on facebook, so please help spread the word if you can.

For more info:…

I’m curious what the specific schemes are, though it mentions a bit in the form introduction:

Hampshire County Council has received developer contributions (from recent residential developments) to be spent on improving walking and cycling facilities in and around Fair Oak. To help develop the plans, we want to hear from people who live in Fair Oak, or regularly travel through Fair Oak.

The county council is considering schemes to improve walking and cycling access along Mortimers Lane, Eastleigh Road, and at the crossroads, for which we have received specific contributions from developers. The county council is also looking to explore additional walking and cycling improvements across Fair Oak to deliver with future sources of funding if and when it is available.

If you would be interested in participating in an online discussion group to talk about the plans and share your ideas, please tell us a little about yourself by answering the following questions. We need to know a little bit about you so that we make sure we talk to a wide range of people about the plans.

The group discussions will take place between 24 January and 4 February, and there will be a range of dates and times available. Each group discussion will last for one hour and will be conducted over Zoom. In order to take part, you will need a computer with access to the internet.

This form will be available until 23 January 2022.

We are looking to involve a cross section of people and probably won’t be able to include everyone who signs up this time, but there will be future opportunities if you aren’t selected on this occasion.