Delivering political leaflets and door-to-door campaigning by individual activists is not permitted until 8th March

If you receive a political leaflet throught your door and it was delivered by a volunteer party activist before 8th March, the delivery was illegal. It is illegal at present to leave your home without a reason specified in the legislation (e.g. exercise, buying food) and it has been made very clear that delivering political leaflets or canvassing is not in this category. A letter was sent by the minister Chloe Smith to all party leaders on 22nd January to confirm that this is the case: “Government’s view is that these restrictions do not support door to door campaigning or leafleting by individual political party activists.”
If you think that lockdown regulations have been broken, you can report the issue to the police. COVID-secure election campaigning will go ahead - GOV.UK


Damn, no one has delivered any here! :wink:

Thanks for sharing @Gin_Tidridge

Liberal Democrats in Bishopstoke yesterday. Was refused entry to the flats then discovered a trade button and let themselves in!!

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For goodness sake… we’ve literally held it all back.

Not even point scoring, just for legal and safety reasons. I don’t get it.

Hi Maria, government guidance states this is against lockdown rules. Do you know who it was delivering?

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Lib Dem leaflet delivered in Bishopstoke today

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I had one of their usual ‘spinning’ leaflets hand delivered to my house in Bishopstoke over the weekend in contravention of the government’s rules regarding political canvassing which is not allowed before March 8th 2021- now reported to the Police as a Covid Regulations breach but don’t hold your breath on this one!!


Can we talk about how funny it is that the Liberal Democrats are going out of their way in communications to hide that its their focus rag :rofl:

They’re even hiding that the candidates are Lib-Dems into the body of text. Do they not want people to know what party they’re standing for :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :joy:

Perhaps we should start a public archive of all local political leaflets on here so they can be publicly accessible, researched and fact checked as some are veeeery misleading…

Could easily add a tag for political-leaflets, and viewing them all is then easy…

On that topic: I’d rather we moved our local political discourse away from leaflets, towards well publicised and accessible debates between candidates and political parties. In a post covid free world I’d love to do town hall debates in each area. So you don’t just get the spin you get to meet your candidates. Sadly whenever I’ve previously tried to organise these its fallen though :frowning_face:


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