Could this be the reason Eastleigh Lib Dem’s use Focus to campaign?

Not quite Eastleigh I know, but maybe THIS is why Eastleigh Lib Dems (and other Lib Dem regional parties) use Focus to campaign…

Local campaigning is just too hard for some it seems

Haha! That’s funny!

I suspect the local Lib Dem focus campaigns are run by just one or two people (with deep pockets), who have many years of experience at it. It does work as people fall for it every time.

People think because they received a leaflet from that person named and photo’s that person cares enough to contact them - even though that person had near zero involvement in the production of that leaflet.

In my experience from now reading a lot of these they have very few local promises, and unique content. It’s the same template across the borough. Even the claims either wildly untrue, or twisted half-truths to play on people’s fears and make them think the Lib Dem’s are a safe bet.

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