Central By-Election Feb 2022 - Bhavin Dedhia (LibDem Leaflet 1)

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Bhavin Dedhia’s team called to see you today LIBERAL DEMOCRATS EASTLEIGH BOROUGH COUNCIL ELECTION - 10 FEBRUARY 2022

Bhavin Dedhia and the Lib Dems - Working for you all year round! .
Holding the Conservatives to account for their broken promises - police station closed, failed to get a town by-pass, seeking to hike up residents’ parking permut charges, reducing library hours. permit charges
Keeping the Lib Dems’ promise to improve open spaces like at Grantham Green and Leigh Rd Rec
Working for our new communities around the town and improving facilities.
Tackling local issues like road repairs, residents’ parking, shops for our town centre and new homes allyear-round
Lib Dems work for you!

Bhavin Dedhia is a key member of the team that has brought you FOCUS for more than 40 years! •

  • Lives in Eastleigh
  • Experienced Focus Team Member
  • Works for the NHS
  • Volunteer for local organisations .

3 Good reasons to back Bhavin Dedhia on 10th February

  1. Only the Liberal Democrats can beat the Tories in our area. Labour cannot win here.
  2. The Conservatives have axed vital services at Hampshire - but are stashing YOUR tax in the County bank - they don’t deserve to win!
  3. Only the Liberal Democrats represent our area on all our Councils. Bhavin is a key FOCUS team member working for you. ONLY the Lib Dems keep in touch all year round

Backing Bhavin
Long-serving councillor Wayne Irish is backing Bhavin in the local election. “Bhavin works hard all year round and has a great track record of helping local people”, says Wayne.

On Feb 10th, the Best Person for the Job is - Bhavin DEDHIA

3 Things to Remember about this election

  • The Liberal Democrats have kept their promises. The Borough’s Council Tax cut in real terms for years and services protected from cuts.
  • Labour come last in Hampshire They have NO Councillors at Eastleigh Borough Council.
  • The Conservatives are cutting vital services at the County Council through choice. They don’t deserve your support!

The choice here?
Conservatives run Hampshire
£250 hike in Council Tax in just four years - and MORE increases planned
Failure on traffic and road repairs
Cuts to library hours
Cuts in adult social care
Failed to get accounts signed off in 2020: even MORE cuts planned

Liberal Democrats run Eastleigh .
Tackling traffic congestion
Backing our local NHS
Airport saved from closure
New affordable housing
No cuts in services
19 years of real-term Council Tax cuts
Borough Winners! Source: Last Local elections across Eastleigh

Everyone knows only the Lib Dems can beat the Tories
Lib Dems Win Here!

The Liberal Democrats are on YOUR side