Central By-Election - Candidate Questions

Creating this thread as a Q&A, inspired by @Tracy_Weeks comments in the leaflet thread, as well as the Hustings questions, given that we cannot set up and hold a Hustings at the moment.

So, now’s your chance to ask the Candidates any question relating to their election pledges, Eastleigh Central in general, or claims made in their published material

Request to all Participants

Please lets keep this as a Q&A. Limited discussion will be allowed, but we do not want 25 comments about the same issue. Create a separate thread if needs be for that

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Question #1 posed by @Tracy_Weeks -

"Curious about the ‘160,000 trees to be planted’ Bhavin’s leaflet mentions, surely this is across the borough by the year 2030 and not just Eastleigh Central? "

@bhavin.dedhia , your cue to respond

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I’ve just been informed by the Reform UK candidate Clare Fawcett that she is unable to post or respond on the Eastleigh Neighbours Facebook page.
Are you able to assist on this matter?
Thank you.

One for the moderators on there (not all of them are on here)

I can see Claire is a new member of that group, she would need to message the moderators of Eastleigh Neighbours (En Admins) over on Facebook to query it.

I have to say I’m deeply disappointed with the Lib Dem leaflet’s claim regarding ‘saving the airport from closure’. This is blatant misinformation, and does the Lib Dem’s no credit, sadly. @bhavin.dedhia please could you explain the rationale behind the decision to put this on your literature?

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They do appear to have doubled down on the misinformation on a number of issues, its really disappointing to see. I had hoped with @bhavin.dedhia being a new candidate we’d see a better quality than last years’. Bhavin, can you let us know if you are writing these yourself or are you leaving it to your agent?