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:red_car::blue_car: CARELESS PARKING COSTS LIVES – DON’T PUT YOUR CHILD AT RISK :blue_car::red_car:


Firstly a big THANKYOU to the parents, grandparents and everyone doing the school runs – who park safely, responsibly, legally and who park to make the area as safe as possible for all children and residents – you are all hero’s and deserve a top trophy :trophy:– it truly does make a huge difference! :+1:

NPT and Civil Enforcement Teams do patrol and will deal with any road traffic offences committed. :balance_scale: However, neither of us can be at every school in both the North and South sectors every day. Police have the added benefit of our body worn video :movie_camera: – which we will be using whilst on patrol :police_car::bike::footprints:

The onus and responsibility has to be on parents, grandparents and those doing the school runs to MAKE THE CHOICE to park safely, responsibly, legally and to make the area as safe as possible for all children. How would you feel if your parking caused a child to be injured? :cry::sob::face_with_head_bandage:

Police have routinely photographed :camera:irresponsible, in order to highlight the problem and ask for parents to change their behaviour. Previously we’ve used Twitter and on Hampshire Alerts to raise awareness. We will now be using our Facebook page too.

What Can You Do To Help?

· Could you park safely, responsibly and legally a few minutes’ further away? :footprints: Please don’t expect to park right next to the school, plan your morning, to allow the extra time to walk – you can make a huge difference by parking a little further away.
· Could you walk :footprints: or cycle :bike: with your children? Even if you are only able to walk a few of the trips a week, this will have a huge impact on the parking congestion and number of hazards in the local roads. Plus – it’s cheaper, better for your car, healthier and you can teach your children about road safety along the way.

When You Park –

· Please do not park or stop on the zig zags outside the schools – This causes congestion :red_car::blue_car::red_car::blue_car: and a bottle neck of traffic and affects everyone in the area. There is a no stopping rule, clearly marked by signage.
· Please do not to park within 10 metres of a road junction, as per the Highway Code. This makes it difficult for other drivers to see :red_car::blue_car::eyes::blue_car::red_car: around your vehicle and blocks the view of children trying to cross the junction.
· Please do not park on road markings / restrictions, blocking dropped kerbs, obstructing pavements, or anywhere where you may cause an obstruction or difficulties for residents.

Consequences / Legislation :balance_scale:

· A CHILD COULD BE HIT BY A CAR AND SERIOUSLY INJURED – Please make the choice, to park responsibly.
· You could be prosecuted for causing an accident, due to your parking.
· You can be fined up to £500, if you don’t wear a seat belt when you are driving.
· You can be fined up to £500, if a child under 14 isn’t in the correct car seat, or wearing a seat belt while you’re driving.
· You can get 6 penalty points and a £200 fine, if you use a hand-held phone when driving. You’ll also lose your license, if you passed your driving test in the previous 2 years.
· Your parking and actions, could be recorded on police body worn video for police to use as evidence in a prosecution.
· You could be given a fixed penalty notice for obstructing the pavement or parking on School Zig Zags.

PCSO Mica.

This is one of my pet hates, my children’s school site, people park on double yellows, restricting view to see round the corner and limiting vehicles, (its 2 way) making it a pain and difficult for those entering and leaving the premises. It’s the same for the parking down the side of the school, there is a solid yellow line going down the road as well as ‘NO PARKING’, but people still park there.

I have a permit as I am a parent with a SEN child, so to keep him safe, I park on site. It’s people who abuse that and park where they want, just to save their lazy legs. If I can’t park on site (which thankfully isn’t often) I would find somewhere convenient to park, even if it means having to make my SEN child walk further. So able bodied parents or whoever else should park sensibly, no excuses.

I am all for people being ticketed or prosecuted if they can’t use their common sense. These road markings are there for a reason, not just put there for the fun of it.

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