Candidates group

@staff (or @afdy , not sure which is easiest to tag) can we add the following people to @Cllr please?

… and any others which may be out there.

I just realised when offering my inbox to receive for the Political Leaflets category, that it only went to 4 of the candidates :frowning:

Don’t want to be accused of bias :slight_smile:

Whoops! Good spot, done!

I think there may be a few others registered which haven’t spoken up yet.

If you’re a candidate and you’re not in that group do speak up. :slight_smile:

We should reach out to the ones not present by other means also…

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I think we have our newest candidate - @BDP (Ben Parry, representing the Greens in Fair Oak and Horton Heath)

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Hi All! Thanks to Adam for reaching out. Looking forward to engaging with any questions you may have about me, the election or any topic you would like to hear my views on. Even favourite biscuit.

Ben Parry
Green Party Borough Candidate for Fair Oak and Horton Heath