Campbell Road bridge upgrade - wasted opportunity?

It looks like a missed opportunity by the Council and Network Rail. That bridge is overused by large lorries visiting the works and by residental traffic, the road surface is terrible too.
The two main issues are width and angle of the road. It is too sharp on both approaches, being literally 90 degree bends and the bridge isn’t wide enough for proper 2-way traffic and pedestrian or cyclists. There is no pavement for the majority of Campbell Road.

The solution is to do it properly. The angle of the bridge needs to be reduced which can be solved by slewing the angle of the bridge. A wider new bridge would ensure it is future-proofed by adding a proper pavement. Network Rail have the land for it and to widen the current road to ensure a pavement continues longer.


A rough idea of what I mean…


Or keep the current bridge as it is for pedestrian/cycle traffic and put the money towards linking the rail-locked land to the Chickenhall link road? I suspect neither option stands a chance sadly.

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The problem with accessing via Chickenhall would be the fact the road would have to somehow get over/under the railway line to Fareham AND the line that runs round the end of Campbell Road - which makes a loop for the depot, enabling trains to ‘turn’. The Campbell Road bridge entrance would be the ‘cheapest’ option but only if the will is there…I suspect the usual ‘papering over the cracks’ approach will win out.


Oh yes, I’d forgotten about that loop. No chance then, not that there was anyway. Papering over the cracks it is.