Bishopstoke Woods Mountain Biking Park now open

Bishopstoke Woods downhill mountain biking park now looks open again! This seemed closed for such a long time but I’ve now seen the bumps being rebuilt and bikers out on there! Hurray!

I’m minus a bike right now but I’m not sure i’m brave enough to ride some of those downhill and uphill bumps!

A nice youtube video on it here if you’ve never seen it before:


In only found it two weeks ago - the people who were using it were having a right laugh!

Is there a Sign for this? One of us tried to submit it to Pokémon Go but it got rejected as it wasn’t clear what it was.

There used to be one at the bottom at least but now I don’t think there’s a signpost at all.

There are some small warnings around it to not let your dog stray in there! :slight_smile:


My son spends HOURS up there with his mates!
We did have a trip to A&E in an ambulance from there with a suspected broken leg last year, but luckily no bones broken. :+1: Even the paramedic said he was trying to work out if a 40-something year old could get round it uninjured…he thought it looked great fun!

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