Bishopstoke Beach

I remember being crazy excited around the time I first moved to Eastleigh when I travelled through Bishopstoke and I saw on an old app (Foursquare!) that it had a beach nearby! I wondered if I had confused Eastleigh’s location in my head, and my mental map of the area was all wrong.

Mentally, I was prepared for building sandcastles…

Imagine my surprise when I got back home to look at google maps and found the beach was a LONG way off! But why the beach reported nearby? Sometime later learnt that Bishopstoke does indeed have a beach, but there is no one selling ice creams. :slight_smile:

I wonder how many other people this has confused?


Anglers pub always good for a beer after a stroll along the water or on a Friday afternoon in the summer sun.

As a nipper, I spent many weekends jumping from that bridge into the water.

I was meandering through Stoke Park woods recently and looked in my maps to see that there is a ‘waterfall’ somewhere! God knows if I could find it!

Good times!