Are there any frustrating pothole stories to share?

Hope it’s ok to start this thread/ put it here.

Husband and I were driving from Catherington to Southampton over Christmas and hit a massive pothole which damaged 2 wheels and gave us 1 flat. It happened on the A334 crossing over the little stream that shoots off from the river Hamble, .3 miles NE of Botley station ( 50°55’04.1"N 1°15’09.7"W)

We were parked up at Hilltop Station Hill (there’s horses there) waiting for assistance for appx. an hour and a half, sometimes in the rain- and with a cat in tow! My husband got an Uber to take our cat to our final destination so she wouldn’t have to wait in the carrier for any longer than needed. That cabbie said people had been getting flats from that pothole for over a year. That they keep repairing it but not properly. I went up to the pothole to film people driving over it or swerving into the oncoming lane to avoid driving over it- showing that some people drove that road enough to already know the pothole was there. Recovery man (Mark?) was very capable and friendly (Green Flag/Westbourne Motors). Got our wheels sorted then we went to the Railway pub to make sure the wheels remained intact. It was there we met a woman who also just got a flat from the same pothole! I have no idea why it escaped me to trade info with her for witness’ sake but it did…

We’ve since reported the incident to Hampshire County council for compensation for at least the wheel replacements. The case was finally closed yesterday and we got a letter today saying they feel they shouldn’t have to pay out because no one else reported an incident and there was supposedly no damage between the last inspection (Oct 12) and the date of our incident.

I will be appealing! :- )


Woah! Have they now fixed the pothole?

I’ve found on Facebook a lot of people complain about potholes but very few people actually report them. I was tempted to log a freedom of information request on it but I’ve not had time yet. :slight_smile:

I have no stories like yours (thankfully!), though my heart did once fall out of my belly when I was driving a brand new car and hit one. Luckily somehow there was no damage even though I felt sure the wheel had come off!

Some roads in Eastleigh are so so poor.

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They were out the next day repairing it but probably just as well as they have in the past…

Yeah, I have to report things. Otherwise, how will positive change come about? :- ) It never hurts to at least try.