Accidents or near-misses on Fair Oak Road between B3037 and B3354

This ask is from Zoe Stacey over on the book of faces:

I need your help please!

Have you experienced any near miss accidents on Fair Oak Road betweeen the B3037 and B3354?

Maybe you or your children cross this stretch of road and have concerns for their safety, or maybe you’re a local resident who has had a near miss with people speeding down this section using it as a cut through? If you’re a parent; how long have you had to wait to safely cross the road? Have you had a near miss with a speeding car?

In order to get EBC to take the request for an urgent review of the speed limit and safety of this stretch of road it would be really useful to be able to illustrate the issues local residents and pedestrians from school are having.

If you’re happy to be included in information being submitted to the council please can you message me through Facebook or email me ( with your name, address and details of the situation, time and details of the event? If your neighbours don’t have the internet I am happy to come visit anyone and take details too. The sooner we can do this the sooner I can collate the information and submit it for urgent review.

Thank you in advance.

*edit. I have turned off comments. Appreciate all the comments but if we want change then I need you ALL to send me an example of when you have experienced a near miss or an issue. Just one from all of you would be a huge help. It doesn’t have to be detailed with dates or times or even licence plates but an example of when we have all had a near miss or witnessed one would help. In five years there have been no reported accidents so if we want the council to look at this we need to show plenty of times an accident nearly happened or how dangerous the road is. Thank you!